2013 Oklahoma State Hoops Preview

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Photo Attribution: US Presswire


Most overrated team in the Big 12 – OSU is worse off than you might think.
Can OSU become a positionless team – I think they already are.




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New OSU wallpaper – why does Brian Williams look like he’s doing the old frustrating finger roll layup John Stockton used to do in NBA Jam?
Marcus Smart’s hair – it’s crazy


#15 – Alex Budke
#14 – Mason Cox
#13 – Ford Stuen
#12 – Christien Sager
#11 – Phil Forte
#10 – Phil Jurick
#9 – Kirby Gardner
#8 – Kamari Murphy

  • http://jamesonreynolds.wordpress.com Jameson Reynolds

    I was extremely bored and laughing at old Facebook posts today, and came across this bad boy about our basketball team from December 28, 2007 from you. Reading this still hurts man.

    “I can’t talk rationally about this, like the whole situation is so reprehensible that I can barely even stand to think about it much less make audible sounds regarding said situation. I can’t wait for Eaton to graduate, I think his poor play over the past 2 years has negated anything good he does over the next 2…do you think he even wants to go to the tournament?

    Our starting lineup COULDE BE:

    Gerald Green
    James Anderson
    Torre Johnson
    Keith Brumbaugh

    That wouldn’t suck”

    • http://www.pistolsfiringblog.com Kyle Porter

      Hah, it definitely does still hurt…