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Kevin Durant – First Millionaire Flag Football Player…Ever

Kyle Porter —  October 31, 2011 — 30 Comments

Photo Attribution: KT King

So imagine you’re headed up to the intramural fields in Stillwater. Your 2-2 team with the not-as-witty-as-you-think name is playing the Sigma Nu B team. Winner goes to the playoffs.

It’s a Monday night, Halloween, the real football team is 8-0, the campus is alive. You’re couldn’t be more excited about the 60-degree weather and smattering of friends and girlfriends sure to be there.

You warm up, get your flags on, win the coin toss, come out for the first drive, and get things rolling.

You score first, they answer, you get the ball back 10 minutes into the first half, look up across the field, and all of a sudden Kevin Durant is staring back at you playing free safety for the other side.

Photo Attribution: KT King

Wait….what?! Who?!

And all of a sudden, 500 people are gathered around the field like Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon have just decided to throw a squad together.

Well, that’s what happened in Stillwater on Monday night. First, Durant tweeted this on Monday afternoon:


Then next thing you know Twitter turned into an “omg Kevin Durant is playing flag football at OSU right now” festival. A sampling of tweets and pics after the jump

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RG3 Doesn’t Believe In JG4

Kyle Porter —  October 31, 2011 — 13 Comments

Photo Attribution: @eknielsen

I know Robert Griffin is probably a little upset that the second half of his Heisman campaign was derailed Texas A&M-style, and honestly, I was going to let it slide, but then he went and rolled on Justin Gilbert.

Sorry Robbie…

JG4 > RG3

Here’s what Jason Kersey wrote about what  the third best QB in the Big 12 had to say about the move Gilbert pulled on his near 109-yard INT return,

Griffin said Gilbert deployed a common trick called “slingshotting” where cornerbacks grab a receiver and slyly pull them forward.

Yeah because K.J. Morton wasn’t borderline humping Justin Blackmon on deep routes all day or anything.

He just did it sly enough that the ref didn’t see it or the ref saw it and thought it was funny, I don’t know, Griffin said.

Clever, I bet Art Briles doesn’t find it funny that you couldn’t find the endzone against OSU’s 111th ranked defense until your 12th career quarter of play against them.

He goes on:

When we bring the play in, I’m thinking, ‘Here we go.’ I see (receiver Terrance Williams), I see his numbers, he’s wide open. The ball’s thrown, all I see is No. 4 (Gilbert). That doesn’t happen naturally.

You’re right, it doesn’t. Because this is not a man who does natural things.

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Blog Poll Week 10

Kyle Porter —  October 31, 2011 — 10 Comments

Photo Attribution: @eknielsen

Team I didn’t know what to do with: Penn State

Team I can’t believe I have in the top 10: South Carolina

Team I think is better than their ranking: USC

Team that looked like its ranking this weekend: (tie) Oklahoma State and Stanford

Team I think is worse than their ranking: Virginia Tech

Teams I want to see matched up in a playoff: Clemson and Oregon

Team that got exposed: Kansas State

Team I can’t believe is about to fall out of the top 25: Wisconsin

Teams I want to see matched up in a playoff (Part II): Stanford and Nebraska

Top 5 stays the same (duh). I had to bump OU because going on the road and routing a top 10 team (at the time) like that is impressive. Trust me, I tried to get around that, but I couldn’t. What am I supposed to do with the fact that Penn State (a team that can’t score) has a 2 game lead on Wisconsin (a team that should absolutely be in the national title hunt)?

Full poll after the jump

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Daily Bullets

Kyle Porter —  October 31, 2011 — 7 Comments

Condolences from me and everyone here at Pistols Firing to the family and friends of Bob Barry. Sad day for the Oklahoma sports media world. (NewsOK)

All of this on Kye Staley. Every word of it. (ESPN)

Well done. (CRFF)

RG3: “I guess you could say it’s fortune, good luck. But they’re the No. 3 team in the nation, so obviously luck’s been on their side all year.” I see why Holgerson ran it up on you guys last year. (NewsOK)

Stewart Mandel is on board with OSU’s defense, and even drops multiple Moneyball references. Though how about a link to this or this next time, Stew? (Sports Illustrated)

So Weeden isn’t in the Heisman race because of preseason perception? I told you this was a bad idea!! (O’Colly)

Quote of the weekend from Kye Staley here: “Coach tells us all the time to act like we’ve been there; well I tell him, ‘If I get there, I won’t know how to act.’ I just celebrated and thanked the man above.” (by Tebowing) (NewsOK)

You’re not sure where the Oklahoma State defense came from? Or how about it’s the same one that hasn’t allowed a Big 12 opponent over 30 all year. (CBS Sports)

Randle: “I really feel like I didn’t get tackled in the first half thanks to our offensive line.” (Tulsa World)

Dude, you’re 59…premature was when Bob Simmons was running draw left-draw right-draw left on three straight plays. OSU is 4 games away, show some excitement! (NewsOK)

Matt Hinton explores the oddities of the Baylor OSU box score. (Dr. Saturday)

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10 More Thoughts On Baylor

Kyle Porter —  October 30, 2011 — 31 Comments

Photo Attribution:

If you missed it yesterday, here are my first 10 thoughts on the OSU Baylor game as well as a few superlatives. And now we put a cap on another year of Baylor thinking they’re a lot tighter than they actually are. Let’s get to it:

1. I hope [fill in basically any national media personality on ESPN or otherwise here] only looks at the stats for Baylor: 622 total yards, 36 first downs, 39 minutes total possession and continues to say things like “this OSU defense just is quite porous” and “the Cowboys can’t seem to stop anyone” just so we get to see that same defense get pissed for the next five weeks and keep feeling like they have to prove themselves over and over again. That would be lovely. It would also be lovely if I didn’t write 150-word sentences.

2. Speaking of the defense, I felt like RG3 got lit up all over the place (in addition to the Drogba-esque diving). My favorite hit was in the first quarter when Markelle literally flipped him onto his head.

3. Again on the defense (I promise we’ll get to some other things), I feel like one of the biggest differences in this year’s D is how tight they play to the ball. In the past you’d see Andre Sexton and Jacob Lacey playing like, 17 yards off the ball on third downs and now you see corners and linebackers playing really tight to the line of scrimmage.

4. How good is Joseph Randle? 14 for 152 and 4, the TDs and yards both career highs. OSU has only had 19 1,000-yard rushers in its history (not exactly a bad history either), Randle needs 156 more to make that a round 20.

5. When they showed the crystal ball in the east endzone in the second quarter I had to stop looking at it, I was afraid I was going to go blind if I stared at it for too long.

6. This came out of Bob Davie’s mouth in the second quarter: “Phil Bennett (Baylor’s DC) is one of the best defensive coaches in the country.”

7. One trend I’ve noticed in the last few years is that fans and the media love to call OSU something other than “Oklahoma State.” Let’s clarify the acceptable substitutions: OSU, OK State, the Cowboys. The not-acceptable ones: Okie State and the Fighting Gundys. And the “omg if I hear this again I’m going to Plaxico someone” term…..Okie Light.

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Superlatives From The Baylor Game

Kyle Porter —  October 30, 2011 — 3 Comments

Photo Attribution:

Another week, another rout from the best team in Oklahoma. Here are a few superlatives from Saturday’s shellacking of Baylor and their 146 fans.

Best play: That 40-yard strike Weeden hit Tracy Moore with over the middle in the 2nd quarter.

Play that the NCAA should consider outlawing: The fade from Weeden to Blackmon. You’d need Nnamdi Asomugha to make it borderline fair.

Play that made 50,000 OSU fans say “but it’s football!!”: Alex Elkins’ “hit” on RG3 that got flagged as a “blow to the head.” Bob Wischusen openly wondered if the refs should dust RG3′s helmet for fingerprints.

Coolest moment: Kye Staley getting his first career TD before Tebowing. And Weeden in the background taking it all in.

“Duh!” of the day: Is it good to average 12.1 yards per carry?

Stat ESPN will love: Baylor outgained OSU 622-601

Stat OSU fans will love: The turnover margin per game record since the stat started being kept in 1992 is 2.36 by that filthy ’01 Miami team. OSU is at 2.375 right now.

Craziest stat: Baylor never punted.

Dorky punter stat: Quinn Sharp is now averaging 47.59 yards per punt. The OSU record is 46.2, the Big 12 record is 47.6.

Plays Baylor ran inside OSU’s five: 14

TD’s Baylor had from inside OSU’s five: 1

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What Luck Does Better Than Weeden

Kyle Porter —  October 30, 2011 — 9 Comments

Photo Attribution: Icon SMI

On Saturday night while the Trees were invading Troy I innocuously threw this question out there: “What does Andrew Luck do better than Brandon Weeden?” The responses I got were pretty classic, here’s a sampling of some of my favorites.

Many people: “Grow facial hair.”

Austin Keeney: “Grow lamb chops.” – Kind of the next level rendition of “grow facial hair.”

hefley001: “Play in an easier conference?”

Bsteph71: “Marketing???”

Arin5000: “SAT scores?”

KevinDeShazo: “Beat teams without winning records.”

HTDLtd: “From what I’ve heard, Luck is more fertile.” – Ummmm…

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10 Thoughts On Baylor

Kyle Porter —  October 29, 2011 — 22 Comments

1. That is what a #3 team in the country looks like. Shoot, that’s what a #1 or #2 team in the country looks like.

2. When Kye Staley caught his TD on a crossing pattern you could see Weeden in the background behind him nodding his head as his visor kept catching the sunlight reflecting it up and down as if to say “we’re coming Bama, we’re coming.”

3. “The difference between RG3 and Brandon Weeden is that RG3 throws the ball downfield a lot more.” Thanks for the analysis, Bob Davie. He also said “my partner and I just saw Brandon Weeden for the first time yesterday.” I’m not a big “that guy sucks” guy when it comes to announcers, but Bob Davie sucks.

4. Text of the day goes to Nolo after JG4 (nickname coined by KT King) tried to house that RG3 pick 109 yards: “I call your salmon Masters pullover if Gilbert even attempts to do that again.”

5. Joseph Randle won’t touch Barry’s 37 rushing TD mark (who will?) but Terry Miller’s runner-up 21 rushing TDs in a season is within reach. He has 16 now.

6. I feel like the media was obsessed with this game being a shootout. Davie and Bob Wischusen couldn’t stop talking about it. Then Griffin threw as many incompletions in the first half as he had all season…

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5 Halftime Thoughts On Baylor

Kyle Porter —  October 29, 2011 — 6 Comments

1. When ABC had the camera pointed on the corral with smoke pouring out and the crowd bumping “Ready For War” and the announcers talking about how 5 more wins means New Orleans, the only thing I could think was, “how much fun is this?!”

2. Baylor fans are all shaking their heads saying things like, “I thought this defense was supposed to worse than ours!!”

3. Is Bob Simmons calling Baylor’s plays today? You have one of the most athletic, diverse, talented QBs in the country and you’re trying to jam it up the middle on third and fourth down? How about a bootleg or a roll out?

4. Quade texted me from the stadium and said the team looks possessed. I think is one of the first times I can remember when OSU had a swagger about it. These guys looked like they wanted to come out and show the country, “hey, we know Bama and LSU are off, so how about you watch the best team in the country playing this weekend.”

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Baylor Preview

Kyle Porter —  October 29, 2011 — 12 Comments

Photo Attribution: Icon SMI

Teams: #3 Oklahoma State 7-0 (4-0) vs. Baylor 4-2 (1-2)
Time: 2:30 AM CST
TV: ABC/ESPN2 – Coverage map
On the call: Bob Wischusen, Bob Davie and Jeannine Edwards

Kickoff: Two of the six highest scoring offenses in the country meet up at Boone’s house on Saturday. The problem for Baylor is that one of those teams also has a legitimate defense. Football Outsiders actually says Baylor’s offense is more prolific on a play-by-play basis (that stat is explained in further detail here).

OSU is looking to protect the highest BCS ranking in school history and is (I cannot believe my fingers are punching these keys) two games from moving into the #2 slot in the country.

For entertainment purposes:
Spread: Cowboys -14.5
Over/Under: 79.5

This line opened at OSU -18 which means people are piling cash on RG3 and the Bears. I think that’s fair, 18 seemed a bit extravagant. The real money to be made is on the over/under though. You guys know me, I’m all about taking the over, but I think Vegas is preying on people’s perception of OSU’s defense. Will OSU score 50+? Probably, but that means they’d have to give up 30+, which is a number they haven’t hit yet in conference play. Go under.

A few stats you should know:

    1. OSU has never played a home game while 7-0.
    1. Justin Gilbert got his first kick return against Baylor which means he has 4 in the last 12 games.
    1. Great find by Gavin Lang here: Nigel Nicholas has 8.0 tackles for loss this season. No OSU tackle had more than 4.0 TFLs all of last season.
    1. OSU is 2nd in the country in points scored but 95th in time of possession. I think that’s called being efficient.

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A Herbstreit Fight

Kyle Porter —  October 28, 2011 — 1 Comment

Quade returns argue with me about Herbie, preview Baylor, and look back on the weekend that was in Columbia.

You can listen to the podcast above or feel free to subscribe in iTunes HERE.


Dana Comes Home

Kyle Porter —  October 28, 2011 — 9 Comments

Photo Attribution: Icon SMI

Well “home” is always a relative term when the key to get in your residence is plastic and you never shop for soap, but I’m confident you’ll agree with me when I say there are 1,000,000 reasons to be excited about Dana and Huggy Bear coming west to the Big 12. Oh and just to clarify, the Big 12 currently has 10 teams and is about to have 8 or 9 teams depending on who you ask but will replace those in 2012 to get back to 10 or maybe 11. Right? Makes sense.

I wrote this piece about Dana when he left so I figured it was only fair to follow it up with a “7 things I’m excited for about Dana (and West Virginia)” Here we go…

1. It’s a line I used in the O’Colly’s Pressbox to the Couchbut since a lot of you aren’t subscribed to the O’Colly I’ll re-publish it here: I can honestly see Dana getting wheeled out of the Boone Pickens Stadium tunnel in a chariot wielding a scepter made of cigarettes as his blond mullet flaps around in the Stillwater wind. Him and Monken will play “any play you can call I can call better” every year. There will be final scores of 88-79. It’s going to be spectacular.

2. West Virginia is who I wanted all along, and here’s why: they’re good at football, yes, but they’re also outstanding at basketball. They’ve finished in the top 25 in three of the last six seasons and been to the dance six of the last seven, including three Sweet 16s. An already-loaded hoops conference just took a step up.

3. Trips to Morgantown. Nolan, Amilian, Quade, and I may or may not have exchanged 100 emails about this already. Morgantown seems like it would be the Vegas of college towns, no? You have a better one?

4. Scott Drew finally has a “wow, I might be the shadiest college basketball coach in the country” rival!

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Daily Bullets

Kyle Porter —  October 28, 2011 — 3 Comments

Caleb Lavey to Jamie Blatnick on their childhoods: “Man, I used to hate it when you and your friends used to come over and play Xbox and be mean to me.” (NewsOK)

Your Cowgirl FC, Big 12 Champs. (

Barry Switzer and Boone Pickens taking shots at Mack Brown. Apocalypse now. (Dr. Saturday)

Good column by Jenni on why things are looking up for Boone. (NewsOK)

A national media member giving OSU’s D some credit? Huh? (AP)

Berry Tramel says a 5-way tie is possible. (NewsOK)

A lot of great tidbits in this article by Anthony Slater including which quarter Weeden thought was his best and what Todd Monken refers to as “make it, take it.” (O’Colly)

Wait…so you have to pay $100 for $90 tickets to the Baylor game but it’s being touted as an “alumni discount”? (O’Colly)

Stewart Mandel explains in his mailbag why OSU is ranked #1 in the computers. (Sports Illustrated)

A basketball article!!! (NewsOK)

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You Were Saying About That Defense…

Kyle Porter —  October 27, 2011 — 7 Comments

Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

When we, as fans, look at offenses do we care that Georgia Tech has as many passing attempts all year as Texas Tech has on a conservative night?

No, we only care that they both put up 40+ and make every team they play outscore them to beat them. An offense’s only goal is to get the ball in the endzone. Whether that’s by hitting Sammy Watkins on gorgeous 75-yard ticking time bombs or having Jared Lorenzen do cartwheels down the sideline I guarantee you people couldn’t care less as long as the scoreboard keeps lighting up.

So why, as fans (and as the national media), do we care so much about how a defense looks when it performs? That is, if a defense’s job is to get the ball back to its offense without letting the other team kick a field goal or score a touchdown, why do we care if they do that by forcing three and outs or getting tons of fumbles and interceptions?

OSU’s defense is tied for second in the country with 24 forced turnovers. If they were in the SEC they would be lauded for being “opportunistic” and “invasive” but because they’re OSU and because the Big 12 has a reputation for being an “all play and no work” kind of conference they’re labeled as “shoddy” and “have a ton of holes on the defensive side of the ball.”

Let’s forget for a moment the advanced metrics I threw out last week that showed where, in actuality, Oklahoma State might in fact have a top ten defense and look at the only thing that matters: how many points do they allow compared to other teams in their conference.

First, your points per game given up (conference games only) in reverse order:

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The Next Larry Reece?

Kyle Porter —  October 27, 2011 — 7 Comments

Big thanks to Brodie Myers for coming on the podcast this week. You might know him as the “Teach Me How To Gundy” flash mob director from last week, but you should get to know him as the next Larry Reece. You can check out a sampling of his videos on YouTube here. Hope you guys enjoy the interview.

You can listen to the podcast above or feel free to subscribe in iTunes here.