2013 Pistols Firing picks

Kyle Porter —  August 27, 2013 — 17 Comments

Every year we’ve done a kind-of-lighthearted-but-still-somewhat-serious post on our picks for the 2013 college football season. This season’s participants include myself, Matt Amilian, Carson Cunningham, Nolan Cox, and Brendon Morris.

Here’s a look at 2012 and 2011.

And here are this year’s picks.

Kyle Porter

Carson Cunningham

Brendon Morris

Matt Amilian

Nolan Cox

Favorite OSU playerJustin GilbertKye StaleyJimmy BeanJeremy SmithJosh Stewart
Favorite OSU coachSpencer's Twitter feedWicklineVan MaloneWicklineJoe Wickline
OSU fans should wear __________ to gamesPistols Firing shirts (duh)Orange t-shirt, jeansGray :)Whatever is comfortable and orangeBlue jeans, cowboy boots, and whatever color makes their eyes sparkle
Game OSU loses that they shouldn'tat Techat Texas TechWest VirginiaBaylor@ WVU
One OSU prediction we don't expectThey'll wear throwbacks at some pointWalsh ends up lone starterWalsh is 2nd leading rusherGundy won't tuck in his jacket or sweatshirt this yearGundy trolls the media by lining up Walsh and Chelf together on the first play
Mike Gundy's best attributeManaging ebb and flowHiring coachesCoach speakPride in his gender and ageHis hair
Leading receiver (yards)






Team Chelf or Team Walsh?ChelfWalshWalshGun to my head...ChelfTeam Lunt
One word to describe how bummed you are that Monken is goneBallsCrestfallenDevastatedShippensburg!Flabbergasted
One word to describe feelings on a 2-QB systemScrewedAwkwardNon-BCSDecide!Walshdozer
Best OSU uni comboCarbon fiber-white-orangeAll-black, everythingGray-Black-GrayBlack-White-Black (changes every day)Black/White/Orange
OSU record10-210 and 210 and 210 and 210 and 2
OSU bowl (team we play too)Cotton vs. South CarolinaFiesta-Oregon (uniforms!)Fiesta, OregonFiesta vs LouisvilleFiesta Bowl vs. Georgia
Best Big 12 coachSnyderSnyderGary PattersonGundy (right now)Stoops
Best Big 12 uni combo (non-OSU)Texas' all whitesK-State homeTCUIowa State Jack Trice throwbacksTCU black Pro Combat
Big 12 surprise team this yearBaylorBaylorTexas TechKansas (4+ wins is surprising, yes?)Baylor
Favorite Big 12 player (non-OSU)Sam RichardsonJohn HubertBrandon CarterGabe IkardTyler Lockett
Big 12 POYBryce PettyJosh StewartBryce PettyLache SeastrunkLache Seastrunk
Big 12 champTexasOSUOklahoma StatePokesOSU
Top three in Big 121. Texas 2. OSU 3. Baylor1. OSU 2. OU 3. TCU1. OSU 2. TCU 3. UT1. OSU 2. Texas 3. Baylor1. OSU 2. OU 3. Baylor
Favorite college football writerStew MandelStewart MandelJimmie Tramel(Not that) Chris BrownJimmie Tramel
Favorite college football publication (ie: SI, ESPN, Grantland)Sports IllustratedSI.com (top 25 poll not withstanding)ESPN.comESPNGrantland
Favorite college football Twitter follow






Three gamedays you want to go to that you haven't been to (ie: Georgia, Ole Miss, etc.)Ole Miss, Clemson, OregonLSU (night), The Swamp (vs. FSU), Ole Miss (The Grove)Georgia, Texas A&M, Virginia TechOle Miss, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU
Best college football announcer/analystChris FowlerKirk HerbstreitHerbstreitHerbstreitMike Tirico
Worst college football announcer/analystTie: Mark May and Lou HoltzDave LaphamLou Holtz - Mark MayMark May
Best unis in college football


Florida State (home)



Florida St. maroons

National team you believe inOregonGeorgiaLSUOhio StateGeorgia
National team you don't believe intOSU (but that schedule!)LouisvilleOregonFlorida StateA&M
Heisman winnerBraxton MillerMarcus Mariota (Manziel-ian season)Braxton MillerAJ McCarronClowney
Title game matchupGeorgia-tOSUGeorgia-StanfordLSU over Ohio StateBama - StanfordAlabama vs. Ohio State
  • Nate

    Good gosh… Kyle is a Texas homer.

    And have you all seen Georgia’s schedule? They’re not surviving that

    • Madsenpoke

      First time I have ever agreed with an entire Nate statement.

    • Kyle Porter

      I’m ashamed of myself but it’s true.

    • Casey Shepherd

      I think Gundy’s football 101 for women must have done Nate some good. I’ve agreed with him twice this year. #signoftheapocalyps

  • Nolo

    I realized after submitting that Georgia would end up in the Sugar Bowl as an at-large if they got a BCS bid that wasn’t the national title game. Oh well. I almost went with Amilian’s uni combo but now I’m starting to think Brendon’s was the best choice. TCU’s are nasty.

  • Stephen

    This post was hilarious. Always cool/fun to see how everyone matches up

  • Carson Cunningham

    After Clemson in the opener, UGA gets their toughest games at home (LSU, So. Car) or neutral site (Florida). They beat UF last year. That’s an impossible gauntlet?

    • Nate

      3 out their first 4 though? That’s a damn tough way to start the year. Didn’t beat anyone last year either

  • Too funny

    This –> “Gundy trolls the media by lining up Walsh and Chelf together on the first play”

    Who knows, this may actually be how he plans to run the season…

    • okiewhaler

      To call this play hold up a big sign of Kirk Cameron’s sister wearing an over-sized sweatshirt. Call it the “DJ Tanner” baby!

  • Carson Cunningham

    They beat Florida, Nate. No. 2 team in the country at the time & UF’s only regular season loss.

    • Nate

      Yeah, that same Florida team that got blasted by an average Louisville squad.

      Name another good team they beat that year…

      • Carson Cunningham

        A bowl game Florida had no interest in, they were busy arguing to be in the title game over Notre Dame. Troll session complete, I’m moving on.

        But hey, at least we agreed several times on uniforms?

        • Nate

          Can’t name another good team they beat and then calls it trolling.

          Too funny.

  • Carson Cunningham

    A top 20 team, No. 16 ranked Nebraska. Troll session complete.

    • Nate

      Haha that same Nebraska team that gave up SEVENTY in the previous game? In another one of those meaningless bowl games, right? You don’t have a clue, bud.

      The fact is OSU would have gone 10-2 at the least with Georgia’s schedule last year.

      “Troll session complete” – what people with losing arguments say.

  • Jwild

    LOL at anyone who thinks Lunt is able to lead a team well while being turnover and injury prone. C’mon. You cant recreate a weeden lets just be happy with a guy who can pass well and run exceptionally and move on