My name is Kyle Porter and I started this site in January 2011 as a source of news and humor about Oklahoma State football and hoops.

I have a few friends who help me out with content and ideas. You can read a little bit more about them (and me) here.

The general reason for the site is that at some point after graduating in 2008 my friends and I found ourselves writing 500+ word emails with subject lines like “If BJ Tiger and Prentiss Elliott were in a footrace with your life on the line, who would you take?”

So we started this blog to figure it all out.

The most popular thing I do is the Daily Bullets which is a daily collection of OSU stories, videos, and tweets from around the Internet. I usually post this around 7 AM CST Sunday-Friday.

If you’d like to take a tour of the rest of the site you can go here.

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The mini-about: I’m a former OSU baseball walk-on and two-time graduate of O-State. I also write about golf for CBS Sports.

You can email me at pistolsfiringblog [at] gmail [dot] com