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Hi, my name is Kyle Porter and I started this site in January 2011 as a source of news and humor about Oklahoma State football and hoops. Since then we have grown quite a bit. We now have four staff writers (including myself) and a host of part-time contributors.

The general reason for the site is that at some point after graduating from Oklahoma State in 2008 my friends and I found ourselves writing 500+ word emails with subject lines like “If BJ Tiger and Prentiss Elliott were in a footrace with your life on the line, who would you take?”


So we started this blog to figure it all out.

Since then the site has grown into the best free, digital, independent source for Oklahoma State sports news on the web over the last five years (a huge niche, I know).

If you’d like to just get updates and see what this thing is all about you can follow on TwitterFacebook or Instagram. Or you can subscribe to our RSS feed here. The mini-about: I’m a former OSU baseball walk-on and two-time graduate of O-State. I also write about golf for CBS Sports.

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