Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

This is good. Necessary. (NewsOK)

Cool look at Joe Randle’s ESPN day. (okstate.com)

Ladies and gentlemen, your $3.2 million coach. (Fox Sports)

Interesting take from Berry Tramel in parity in the Big 12. I still can’t stand that he calls the title game the “Big Bowl.” (NewsOK)

The jokes, my friends, they write themselves. (Tulsa World)

Yes. (NewsOK)

Interesting: layers and writers think Hank Iba shouldn’t have coached the ’72 team that lost in Munich. (New York Times)

Bill Self says OSU is the best Big 12 team on paper. (ESPN)

Cool update on Levy Adcock’s NFL dream. (Tulsa World)

How does Gundy not know if an 8-team playoff is possible? (NewsOK)

Big 12 preview from the Tulsa World. Gundy on whether he told his team about naming Lunt the starter: “I didn’t have to. Twitter and all that took care of it.” (Tulsa World)

Officials confirm that the Quinn Sharp FG call was correct. Oh? (NewsOK)

BVP finishes T7 at the Canadian Open. (PGA Tour)

Be thankful for Nike. Be thankful for Nike. Be thankful for Nike. (CBS Sports)

Roger Staubach thinks Weeden can become a great leader. (NewsOK)

Weeden is learning from his mistakes, Joe Haden is fired up about his arm. (Plain Dealer)

Van Malone was tricked into coaching football. “Tricked” might be a little strong. (NewsOK)

People are fired up about the Browns. (Dawgs by Nature)

Here’s Corey Brown’s firat MLB home run. (MLB)

LDR vs. Tom Luginbill

This is not good….

  • Mark

    I didn’t get what the funny part was supposed to be on the fishing article. Was it about the 18 lb. bag? 

    And what’s wrong with the Nebraska uniforms? I think they look pretty sweet! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jr-Colmenares-Vasquez/17106260 Jr Colmenares Vasquez

    Longtime Dallas fan, but Weeden also has got me fired up for some Browns football! Could be a nice Fantasy Qb backup as well!

  • Nate

    I love Bill, but he’s just being nice.  Or trying to set up Ford for failure, which then I would love him even more.

    We would only be the best team on paper if Self was coaching.

  • Pistols Guy

    I thought that was an absurd statement. We don’t have a capable scorer over 6’5.

  • Scott

    Nash can’t score?  He’s 6’7″.  And 7 footer Soucek can score (shoots a sweet/pure 3) but is an enormous defensive liability

  • Nate

    Please tell me this is a joke…

  • Pistols Guy

    I almost added a “or whatever Nash is” to the end of that. I didn’t look it up. 

  • Nate

     Gotlieb swears there’s no way he’s taller than 6’5

  • Nate


  • Jwil888

    “Oklahoma State in the House!” – One of the many reasons why I love Doug Gottlieb.