Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

Ben Allen did a terrific feature on sports media in Oklahoma that I got to be a part of. (NPR)

Gina Mizell on OSU’s latest offer to a wideout from Houston. Question: how many wide receivers is too many wide receivers? (NewsOK)

So Oklahoma State spends the least per athlete on recruiting expenses in the Big 12 but I think the real question here is how is Kansas out-spending Texas?!? (Business of College Sports)

The 2012 football ticket prices are out. (NewsOK)

If Ford just read this blog or Cowboys Ride For Free he would have known Markel at the point would work. (O’Colly)

My issue is not that Weeden is going to go in the 3rd or 4th round, it’s that Mel Kiper says if he was 22 or 23 he’d go in the late first or middle second round. Isn’t he a top 15 pick if he’s 22 years old? I’m trying to be unbiased here (which is difficult) but I watched the Fiesta Bowl and there wasn’t a lot of difference in him and Luck in terms of production. (Tulsa World)

Great post by an Aggie on OSU’s ability to nab and develop offensive linemen that fit its system. (12th Man)

Any of you tried this place yet? (O’Colly)

Cowboy wrestling takes on Arizona State on Friday night in GIA. (okstate.com)

How do you guys feel about OSU coming in 23rd in the first 2012 Blogpoll and having the biggest drop off of any team? (SB Nation)

Don’t worry, the real “Pistols Firing” isn’t going anywhere. (okstate.com)

Remember that time OSU didn’t have a recruit in the top 100 of the 2008 class and won the Big 12 in 2011? (ESPN)

Remember that time OSU didn’t have a recruit in the top 100 of the 2012 class and won the Big 12 in 2…. (ESPN)

Johnny Thomas is going to forego his final season and enter the draft. Uhhh……….? (NewsOK)

Good look at Travis Ford’s road conference wins vs. Sean Sutton’s road conference wins. (CRFF)

So does this mean no more “OS” hats in the Oklahoma State Student Union store? (Sports Business Journal Daily)

Justin Blackmon wants to play for a team that has a quarterback. Doesnt’ seem like that’s too much to ask for. h/t Colin Johnston (Deadspin)

Brian Phillips on why we watch soccer even though we know it’s boring. Beautiful. (Grantland)

Thought these responses from Gottlieb were interesting:

Undefeated in Bedlam…

  • Money

    My guess is that Johnny Thomas knew he wasnt going to be eligible for next season.

  • hnolan3

    I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn’t think he would be stupid enough to come out unless he knew or had a clue that he wouldn’t be. If that’s not the case then he must have a crystal ball and some unique powers of persuasion over gms in the league.

    • Eric

      Mel Kiper talks about the 40 times for Blackmon, but thats a major overrated stat because he plays bigger and faster than he is. Just like I think Weedens age is over blown

  • Chance

    For myself personally, I used to get all my OSU sports news from NewsOK or Tulsa World. Now it’s this site, or the Big12 blog, or whatever I find on Twitter. Congrats on the coverage in NPR.

  • http://twitter.com/okc_dave okc_dave

    Peterson was a great guard. Averaged 18 points and 6 boards and 38% shooting from three during the two years Gottlieb played with him.

  • Danofict

    Ben Allen did a terrific feature on sports media in Oklahoma that I got to be a part of. (NPR)- The article seems to imply you are part of the problem not part of the solution. I think your blog IS the solution. You eliminate waste from my day by not making me find all this stuff on my own – and you find interesting things I never would.

  • Capt Morgan

    Brooklyn’s sounds awesome. Can’t wait to try it.

  • htownpoke

    Here, here. I second this post. Kyle, I would pay to subscribe to PFB…..you are doing a great job and I think you can personally capitalize on it (and maybe you already are, because you seem like a sharp dude).

    Many, many, many thanks…..just tell me where to make my donation. You have made my Cowboy experience enlightened over the last year.

  • Kyle Porter

    Haha no worries friends, Pistol Firing will always be free. It makes enough money for me to keep it running and I see no reason to lose a horde of readers over a couple of bucks. No paywalls here.