• Jeff

    Markel had decided to punch that one as soon as he turned the corner.

  • Danie_13

    It wasn’t very full when he made this dunk but that’s what happens when you have an explosive shot in the first minute of play on a 6:30pm weekday game. People getting off work eventually got there from OKC and Tulsa. More students came at halftime when word got out that there was real game underway. Was it packed like the Gallagher-Iba I grew up watching basketball in? No but the intensity felt pretty similar. It was crazy loud and the players loved it. Do I want more fans to show up, even when we’re losing? Of course but tonight’s crowd was better than what most schools would have if they were coming off the tough losses we’ve had lately. We play a couple more games like this one and I think we’ll start seeing people in the 3rd level.

    • http://54 mark

      na 2nd best is the dunk i did on my fisher price.

  • el gallo

    this tem got own wooooooow

  • Jon

    And all 300 people that are there go crazy!!!

  • Jimbo

    OK, awesome dunk. But he totally traveled. How could they not call that? Nobody was around him.

  • Adam

    Good point, except he didn’t travel. 1 step and a 2 footed jump isn’t traveling.

  • Jesus

    Wasnt a travel at all just a long jump lol

  • Nick

    2nd best dunk! I would say his one in the 2nd half that he got ejected for was better. one handed catch behind the had and tomahawk slammed over a guy taller than him