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Baseball social media guide

Aaron Schnautz —  March 12, 2014 — 1 Comment

Follow along this season as OSU’s baseball team tries to win a Big 12 title.

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Kansas State game on Twitter

Kyle Porter —  October 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

The best of social media from the KSU game. Or at least the funniest.

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The Lamar game on Twitter

Kyle Porter —  September 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

Social media wasn’t exactly on fire Saturday night but there were still some jewels.

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Twitter reaction to the Sports Illustrated story

Kyle Porter —  September 9, 2013 — 2 Comments

If you can look past the fact that they’re talking about OSU (and even if you can’t) some of this is pretty humorous…

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OU’s band gave a list of demands to its president

Kyle Porter —  September 6, 2013 — 7 Comments

I cannot believe this is happening.

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Le’Bryan Nash might be growing the Andrew Bynum afro

Kyle Porter —  September 5, 2013 — 5 Comments

Le’Bryan Nash has a new hairdo and I kind of like it.

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Set your DVR for the OSU-MSU no-huddle telecast

Kyle Porter —  September 4, 2013 — 1 Comment

I wish live football was broadcast this way.

The Clint Chelf rumor in three tweets

Kyle Porter —  September 4, 2013 — 11 Comments

There was a Clint Chelf rumor and it died a quick and fiery death.

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Tracy Moore weighs in on the OSU QB situation

Kyle Porter —  September 2, 2013 — 7 Comments

Tracy Moore sticks up for Clint Chelf in a series of Tweets on Sunday.

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The Mississippi St. game on Twitter

Kyle Porter —  August 31, 2013 — 6 Comments

The best of Twitter from OSU fans watching the Mississippi State game.

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This has pretty much nothing to do with Oklahoma State athletics but I wanted to post anyway because of how it made me felt.

Hope you enjoy…and cry.

h/t @kevindeshazo

College football is just over 100 days away

Kyle Porter —  May 15, 2013 — 7 Comments

If you can’t get excited for football after seeing this, I don’t know what to tell you.

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Mike Gundy loves Duck Dynasty

Kyle Porter —  May 10, 2013 — 5 Comments

Mike Gundy loves Duck Dynasty because…of course he does.

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Gundy reminds fans of his age and gender on Twitter

Kyle Porter —  May 2, 2013 — 3 Comments

Is it too late to take back everything I previously said about the Gundy Twitter Q&A thing being boring?

A few days ago Spencer Hall (you know him as EDSBS) tweeted this to Gundy:

It got a good laugh from me (and probably others).

Today Gundy responded to it! Now, I don’t know if Gundy actually knows who Spencer Hall is or that he’s the de facto leader of this college football online universe many people contribute to on a daily basis. For all I know, he thinks @EDSBS is some dude in Ada who doesn’t have access to YouTube for some reason.

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