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Inside the box score: Baylor-OSU

Kyle Porter —  February 2, 2014 — 2 Comments

A surprising Marcus Smart stat and a lot of stuff that will bum you out.

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Big 12 wrestling recap and NCAA championship preview

Kyle Porter —  March 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

Since the Big 12 tournament was completely full of nothing but just complete dominance by Oklahoma State, so a combined recap and preview seemed much more ideal. I will do each wrestler and weight class individually, very quick thoughts, and what each wrestler has to do to improve Oklahoma State’s chances at winning it’s 35th national championship.

125 – Klimara is the MAN! Anybody that has following wrestling this season should know that this true freshman is going to have a magical ending to this season. I mean, name one match this season that he truly lost…I’m not talking on the scoreboard…but a match where he just had no chance at winning? None! He is the dark horse on this team. Expect big things!

133 – Morrison has every ability in the world to win himself an NCAA title this year, but he just needs to find it within himself to go out there and attack like we know he can. If he dances like he is usually susceptible to, he could end up low on the podium…if that.

141 – We won’t know if Feikert is even in the tournament until the brackets come out, but my guess is he won’t be in the tourney, and those are crucial points that I’m sure we may need when it comes down to it.

149 – Honestly, anything short of a third (you know what I mean) national championship for Jordan Oliver and frankly, him raising the Hodge Trophy (Heisman) would be a disappointment. There are some good wrestlers in this weight class, but come on…

157 – I don’t know why, but my infatuation with Alex Dieringer might challenge Kyle and his bromance for Markel Brown. This kid figured it out early and has really been super dominant this year. As a freshman he had a setback or two, but he has learned from these and expect him to make some real damage. One of the best wrestlers this school has ever seen.

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10 Thoughts: Iowa State Wrestling

Kyle Porter —  February 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

1. Well, let’s all take a moment to reflect on this weekend in one word… My word would be “humbling.” From the first match on Friday to the last match today, the entire weekend was humbling for the Cowboys.

2. The difference, however, is that Oklahoma State is no doubt wrestling the toughest schedule in the nation. We have wrestled every team that means something this season, and we have been able to win every single one.

3. Remember when I said I would be surprised if Chionuma or Rosholt lose again until the Big 12’s? I’m surprised!

4. Iowa State has looked good this entire year; I knew that they were going to be one of the toughest tests for the Cowboys this season. Surprisingly ISU is not ranked very high nationally, but they will surprise people this year.

5. I wouldn’t think too much about any of the matches that happened this weekend. If this funk continues on through the national duals, we are going to have some things to worry about.

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10 Thoughts: Mizzou Wrestling

Kyle Porter —  February 2, 2013 — 2 Comments

1. I have been waiting for this dual for the entire season, and it went much differently (basically exactly the opposite) than I had thought it would, but Missouri had opportunities to beat Oklahoma State, but the Pokes showed just how strong and deep the entire team is.

2. Klimara is wrestling out of his mind as a true freshman. He has consistently wrestled the top guys in the nation, and has consistently been in the matches…iron sharpens iron.

3. The reason this match was half as bad as it was is because of injuries. With Oliver limping with a foot injury, and Morrison in his first match back from his injury, the dual was potentially much closer than it should have been.

4. And Rex Holt….”There are 16,000, wait, did they say 6,000 in attendance?” Rex, does it look like an Oklahoma State basketball game, or a Kansas basketball game? There’s your answer!

5. We as fans have to be pretty content with what we have seen this year, and we pretty much know exactly what to expect from the team for the rest of the season, and in regards to Penn State, that’s scary.

6. I don’t know about you, but I saw a loss coming for Chris Perry. Something about him just doesn’t scream undefeated to me. Not saying he won’t win a national championship, but to go undefeated in a full season in college wrestling is tough, very few do it.

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Is Le’Bryan Nash good against top 25 teams?

Kyle Porter —  January 22, 2013 — 9 Comments
Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Le’Bryan Nash is an issue right now — I think we’re all aware of that. It seemed to me like one of the problems is that he was playing really well against the Tennessee Techs of the world and not so well against the Gonzagas and Kansas’.

Enter OKC Dave.

I commissioned him to do some research for me the other day about how Le’Bryan performs against teams grouped in various rankings.

All these stats came before the Texas Tech and Baylor games. Rankings are via

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Preview: Pittsburgh Wrestling

Kyle Porter —  January 20, 2013 — Leave a comment


Start: 4:00 PM
Location: Stillwater, OK (Gallagher-Iba Arena)
Television: None
Radio: 93.7 KSPI-FM (Roger Moore & Rex Holt)
Live Internet


Cowboys – 9-0
Panthers – 5-3

Best win

Cowboys – Iowa Hawkeyes (#3)
Panthers – Virginia Tech (#11)

Worst Loss

Cowboys – N/A
Panthers – Bloomsburg (#33) ranking

Cowboys – #2
Panthers – #16

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10 Most Popular Posts From 2012

Kyle Porter —  January 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

Previously we looked at the most popular posts of the first three quarters of 2012, here’s a look at the year in its entirety.

Quarter 1 | Quarter 2 | Quarter 3

You guys rocked this blog last year, here are the 10 most-viewed posts of 2012.

1. Markel Hammers – You hit this post almost twice as most as the next one. With good reason too.

2. Bedlam shirts – I would like to thank OU’s incompetence for providing hits to my blog.

3. Texas fan’s thoughts – This was the most viral-y non-video of the year on our site. It got retweeted like 200 times.

4. Orange helmets - Wish I could have found a pic of the carbon fiber helmets.

5. New basketball uniforms - Didn’t even get in the same stratosphere as our football uniform post from last year.

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If Purdue and OSU were in the same conference

OKC Dave —  December 31, 2012 — 1 Comment

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 10.33.36 AM

Here’s a look at what the Big 12 and Big 10 would look like if they formed a 22-team super conference. I ranked the 22 teams based on their F+ offensive, defensive, special teams, and overall rankings.

As you can see, according to F+ OSU is better in every category than Purdue, most notably on offense. Purdue is average at best in all categories. Not a big surprise given our 16.5 advantage in Vegas.

2012 – The First Quarter

Kyle Porter —  December 27, 2012 — Leave a comment
Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

We’ve hit a pretty slow time of year so this is a quick series to look back at what we did in 2012 and share some goals with y’all for 2013. First up is Q1 (January – March)

Top five posts

1. Markel hammers – One of the most viewed posts all year. And deservedly so, I think this is the best Markel dunk ever.

2. New orange helmets – Y’all would break down the Internet to look at new equestrian uniforms so this is no surprise.

3. Griffin vs. Weeden – Pretty interesting post to look back on, also this was the second most commented post ever.

4. Nathan Peterson interview – Great work by my boy @mattamilian to snag this one.

5. We Will Never Forget shirt – I never got an answer from OSU about why these were printed. Good job, good effort.

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Squinky Must Wear #4

Kyle Porter —  October 25, 2012 — 14 Comments

Carson Cunningham and I realized something spooky last weekend when Justin Horton, J.W. Walsh, and Brian Williams were all lost for the season within a few days of each other: each wore the #4 or had a #4 in his number.

Justin Gilbert should be double-taping every extremity he possibly can for the rest of the season.

But here’s what’s even more eerie – we started to look at a history of OSU players who have worn the #4 or had the #4 in their number and found that this wasn’t a one time thing. Most of these players are notorious for one thing (bad play) or another (season-ending injury).

Sure, we’re purposely leaving out guys (Patrick Lavine) who weren’t notorious but read this list and tell me there isn’t something to the theory…and please remind us of any we missed in the comments (especially you old-timers!)

Each player has been assigned a Squinky rating (on a scale of 1 to 10) for how notorious they were during their time at OSU. From least Squinky (bad shooting) to Squinkiest (prison!)

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Week 8 Prop Bets

Matt Amilian —  October 20, 2012 — 1 Comment

Our resident podcast/gambling novice, Matty Amilian, will be bringing you this fun little fake gambling post from here on out for the rest of the Big 12 schedule. Enjoy!

I raked it in last week, pulling in a smooth $90 in Heidi Montag currency. I banked on OSU not covering and Texas Tech pulling off the upset.

Who’s fired up for an 11:00 a.m. kickoff?!  Not this guy, but at least we have football at BPS again. This week’s lines include Lunt, uniforms and house decorations. Before we start, here’s a fun tidbit: Baylor is winless in Big 12 play and is an 8.5 underdog this week. Okay, place your bets!

1) OSU -14 vs Iowa State

Big number, and I wouldn’t touch it with real money. Early in the week I thought “There’s no way Lunt isn’t starting. This line will fall to 10 or 11, and I’ll pick it up for our weekly parlay.” It appears I might be incorrect on both accounts.

2) OSU-Iowa State Over/Under: 60 points

This is the best defense will have played up to this point in the season. I didn’t expect to be saying that on October 19th, but you can’t convince me I’m wrong. When is the last time an O/U for an OSU game has dipped below 60?

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Big 12 Prop Bets – Week 7

Matt Amilian —  October 12, 2012 — 4 Comments

Our resident podcast/gambling novice, Matty Amilian, will be bringing you this fun little fake gambling post from here on out for the rest of the Big 12 schedule. Enjoy!

I’m down another twenty fictitious PFB dollars thanks to Collin Klein ignoring his chance to rack up some passing yards against KU. Of our 38 bettors, 29 of you took the over on Klein’s rushing yards at 78. Well played. The rest all equaled out.

The Landry Jones’ rushing yards vs OSU total points was a push as Landry rushed for a season high…zero yards.

Here’s my attempt to make OSU’s least interesting conference game a little more intriguing for you, plus a few extras from around the Big 12.

1) OSU -27.5 at KU

Huge line move in favor of the Cowboys. I believe it opened at -22. Any of you dare to take Kansas +27.5?

2) OSU-KU Total Points Over/Under: 73.5

I can just as easily see this as a 55-27 game as I could a 47-14 game. If real money was on the line, I don’t think I could take the under.

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Fun With Transitive Properties

Kyle Porter —  August 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

Last year Southeastern Louisiana beat Savannah State by 57.

McNeese State beat Southeastern Louisiana by 21.

Kansas beat McNeese state by 18.

And Oklahoma State beat Kansas by 421

Sooo that means OSU wins on Saturday by…100? I mean is that really out of the question?

Savannah State has four seniors.

What are we doing?

Turnovers as a Percentage

Kyle Porter —  July 31, 2012 — 3 Comments

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at MissouriPhoto Attribution: US Presswire

OKC Dave wrote a great post last week about how OSU wasn’t simply a one year wonder in terms of forcing turnovers. Bill Young’s unit has been doing it for years (I could probably phrase that better).

But a reader brought up a good point: sure, OSU led the country in the country in turnovers forced per game but as we all know, they were on the field far more often than some of the other defenses that had an affinity for takeaways.

So why don’t we look at takeaways as a percentage. (oh wait, the reader (Clint) who posed the question also looked it up!)

Here’s what he found:

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