The Tour

By now you might be thinking, “there’s a lot of content on the site, pistolsguy, I don’t know where to start…” If you are, then good, that’s why I’m here. Let’s go on a quick tour of the site.

I wrote about OSU for about three months on here before going public and this post is what I launched with. It’s one of the more emotional pieces you’ll find on here. I try to keep it less sappy and more cerebral, if not humorous.

I broke the uniform news in July 2011.

Our post on KD playing flag football went viral later that year.

We made a cool social media guide that helps you follow college football throughout the year.

Here’s a piece I did looking back at the best basketball class that never was. It was an interesting, if not totally sad, reflection on everything that negatively affected our hoops program at the end of the Sutton era.

This was probably the hardest piece I’ve ever written.

Speaking of negativity, the folks on the West Virginia message boards caught wind of a Dana Holgorsen parody Nolo and I wrote and had a heyday with it. I mean they completely lost their minds.

parodied the contract negotiations between Gundy, Holder, Boone, Burns, and Monken.

The Fiesta Bowl running diary was one of the most fun things I did. You can read it here.

I wrote about the Kurt Budke tragedy shortly after the Iowa Stage game in 2011.

There are tons more too. Since the inception of this site we’ve written over 1,500 posts. You can browse the full archives here. We’ve also been featured on multiple national web sites which you can read about here.

You can see our fun infographics here.

And how we designed the site to get you content wherever you are.

Ultimately I think we’re here to offer our unfiltered and often unsolicited opinions on OSU games as well as other Big 12 sporting events and generally prattle on about very enigmatic things like Markel Brown’s streak of wearing Jordans in Big 12 games. Sometimes (maybe most of the time) there’s no real reason for what we write other than “this is important right now, this matters in the grander scheme of things, this matters to Oklahoma State University.”

I hope you enjoy your time here. We try to always bring quality, relevant content to the table.