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Daily Bullets

Kyle Porter —  October 27, 2011 — 8 Comments

The crystal ball will be on display in Stillwater on Saturday. Gulp. (NewsOK)

Boone Pickens spitting absolute jewels here. Although it’s kind of ironic that he doesn’t want West Virginia in the conference because their campus is in the middle of nowhere… (NewsOK)

Jerry Palm doesn’t think OSU will make a BCS bowl. (CBS Sports)

Anthony Slater and I exchange emails about what the Missouri game meant, whether Baylor has a shot, and why all the haterz. (O’Colly)

The consensus on West Virginia vs. Louisville? Nobody knows. (ESPN)

Good stuff here: Oklahoma State hoops team hosts a group of Special Olympians. (

Boone saying “everybody’s equal” is pretty high on the irony scale. (CBS Sports)

Christian Littlehead says he’s a representative of Oklahoma’s proud Native American heritage. (Tulsa World)

Brandon Weeden has 100 completions over 10 yards. That’s a Braxton Miller career. (ESPN)

Theater of the absurd is right. (USA Today)

Here’s the CFB Live crew discussing whether or not OSU can run the table. (ESPN)

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Week 9 Lines

Kyle Porter —  October 26, 2011 — 1 Comment

Amilian is pulling away in our lines contest. If he beats me this week the season is pretty much over. Also, I’m extremely confused by the Baylor OSU line, find out why on the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast above or feel free to subscribe in iTunes here.


Michael Harrison, Come On Down

Kyle Porter —  October 26, 2011 — 11 Comments

football package - corie wilkinson-9Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

I wrote before the season started that I thought Michael Harrison would be one of the fifteen most important people to an Oklahoma State title run this year. Clearly I was a bit off as I thought he could slide into the #3 WR role behind Blackmon and Cooper and he has to this point only totaled 15 catches for 207 yards, good for 5th best on the team.

That all changed in Columbia last Saturday when Hubert Anyiam went down (again) and Todd Monken went all “Texas QB situation” on us and said Harrison and Isaiah Anderson would both help fill his spot:

They’ll be kind of a two-headed monster over there and we’ll try to get the most out of both of them.

You can pretty easily (okay, maybe not easily) do that too. Anyiam was averaging fewer yards per catch than Harrison and had the same amount of TDs as Anderson. I think I’m actually more surprised Harrison isn’t just getting the nod straight up as the new “X” receiver with the way Monken gushes about him:

He might be the best after-the-catch guy that we’ve got; he’s just not as fast as Blackmon. (Harrison) can’t separate. He may not be as quick, but in terms of strength – and Black will be bummed that I said that – Michael Harrison is a bear to bring down.

Long-time and part-time contributor, Brett Myles, made an interesting point the other day in my 10 thoughts on Missouri piece when he wondered aloud if Harrison reminded anyone else of Dez.

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Daily Bullets

Kyle Porter —  October 26, 2011 — 12 Comments

Interesting: Mike Gundy thinks the Big 12 is stronger than it’s ever been. (NewsOK)

The alleged “fastest guy on the team” (Justin Gilbert disagrees) will step into Hubert Anyiam’s role starting Saturday. (NewsOK)

LSU – K-State | Bama – Oregon | Boise – Stanford | Oklahoma State – Clemson – does this sound fun?! Nahh, we’re good. (ESPN)

Cool pic of Weeden the Heisman candidate. (Sports Illustrated)

More from the “nobody believes in us” files. (Sporting News)

Matt Hinton says OSU’s resume is top notch. (Dr. Saturday)

Thayer Evans trolling for more OSU hate. At least he clarified that he thinks “a meltdown” is two losses to OU. That’s rational. (Fox Sports)

And Doug Gottlieb responded. Here and Here

This one stung though. Not good memories. (Twitter)

Ubben gives Weeden some Heisman love. (ESPN)

ESPN, however, does not. (ESPN)

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OSU Is Locked and Loaded

Kyle Porter —  October 25, 2011 — 8 Comments

Photo Attribution: KT King

I wish I could put on paper the string of words that sailed through my head the afternoon I found about the NCAA’s takedown of one Dez Bryant. But I try to keep things clean here on PFB and after ripping Todd Monken for making OSU look bad I suppose it would be rather hypocritical of me to do the same. Even though OSU has made it extremely clear that I am in no way (and never will be) associated with the program. I digress.

I knew that season was as good as over when Dez stopped playing. The well from which they were drawing game-changing go-routes and electrifying punt returns had dried up with one swift stack of litigious papers from the NCAA.

When Justin Blackmon suffered a similar fate (and by “similar fate” I simply mean he, too, missed the second half of the Missouri game in his junior year at OSU because that’s about where the comparisons end) last Saturday when he was (or wasn’t?) concussed, my first thought was, “oh, well I hope he’s back for Baylor, I’m looking forward to watching Isaiah Anderson and Michael Harrison play this second half.”

How far the program has traversed.

I’m not trying to say I’m excited about Blackmon missing games, only that it doesn’t drive a stake into your season like it once would have. After the Texas game, Mike Gundy said something that really intrigued me:

I said this to the team yesterday, we may be getting close enough so that everybody can relax and just go play. So many years, we relied on two or three guys making all the plays, and if they didn’t play well enough, you’ll get beat.

He’s right too. Now this team isn’t Bama-deep or Death Valley-loaded, but who is?

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Daily Bullets

Kyle Porter —  October 25, 2011 — 5 Comments

I’m going to champion this movement for the duration of this blog. In fact, I kind of already did. (NewsOK)

Great stuff from Mike Gundy’s Monday presser, including a veiled jab at Thurman Thomas. (NewsOK)

Yes, this, all of this. (Yahoo)

Brandon Weeden is one of sixteen finalists for the Davey O’Brien trophy. Cool. I care about two trophies. One is a crystal ball and the other is a statue of a bronzed man throwing a dirty stiff arm. (

The exploration of a conference dedicated TV network? How about we get that baby done, fellas? (Big 12 Sports)

Pretty cool: you can go to all the basketball home games for $16/game. (

Don’t lie, your heart skipped a beat too when you saw the first two words of this headline. (O’Colly)

It sounds like some of the OSU players were genuinely disappointed that OU lost. (Tulsa World)

I agree with Ubben’s power rankings, though I don’t really know what to make of Tech. Lose two straight at home then go to Norman and win? (ESPN)

The OU meltdown against Tech was actually a good thing for OSU says Markelle Martin. Also, Gundy isn’t sure what a head injury is. (O’Colly)

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Has OSU Replaced Kendall Hunter?

Kyle Porter —  October 24, 2011 — 14 Comments

Photo Attribution: @eknielsen

Amongst the many nicknames for Jeremy Smith and Joseph Randle floating around the interwebs I believe “Run and Guns” is my favorite if not for anything else other than its accuracy. Randle doing the running, Smith sporting the gun show. It’s distinctive, apt, and scary.

All three adjectives also describe the production of OSU’s “how do they always have this sick of a backfield?” version 2k11. It’s hard to replace a two-time All-Big 12 performer like Kendall Hunter but it would appear that’s exactly what Mike Gundy and his staff have done through seven games. Let’s take a look at 2010 numbers versus 2011:

2010 rushing stats through 7 games:

180 YPG   |   16 TDs   |   4.81 YPR   |   34% of the offense

2011 rushing stats through 7 games:

161.1 YPG   |   20 TDs   |   4.6 YPR   |   30% of the offense

So 2010 stands as slightly better overall, but consider the following factors: the Cowboys have run it 20 fewer times (or 3/game) than they did last season. Also, you’re not looking at a true comparison because Randle + Smith were more of a factor last year than Roland and Sims are this year.

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BlogPoll Week 9

Kyle Porter —  October 24, 2011 — 10 Comments

Team I had no idea what to do with: Houston

Team I wish I could rank higher: Georgia

Team I wish I could rank lower: Houston

Team I think could fall out of the top 25: South Carolina

Team I think could rise to the top ten: Texas A&M

Team that won’t end the year in the top ten: Kansas State

The 20-25 spots continue to be a revolving door of complete mediocrity. I could basically just blindly plug in Auburn, West Virginia, Florida, Penn State, Washington, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Illinois on any given week and nobody would argue.

The top ten is starting to finally take shape. I don’t think anyone knows what to do with Houston. Last week they were the third most-disagreed upon team, with only A&M and South Carolina drawing more polarizing opinions.

Michigan State has willed its way into the top ten while Kansas State is about to find that life ain’t so grand at the top with a pissed off Stoops and a “nobody believes in us” Gundy awaiting the next two weeks.

Full poll after the jump…

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Daily Bullets

Kyle Porter —  October 24, 2011 — 11 Comments

Of all people to call out, Jenni Carlson chooses Lou Holtz? (NewsOK)

Four players have scored four TDs in a game since Gundy took over: Justin Blackmon, Dez Bryant, Kendall Hunter, and now Joseph Randle. (Tulsa World)

Everyone seems to think that Isaiah Anderson is going to replace Hubert Anyiam, but that Michael Harrison should. (NewsOK)

Rivals has Joseph Randle as their surprise player of the week. Not really sure why… (Rivals)

When do we start freaking out about this? (Tulsa World)

Anthony Slater gives the Cowboys a “B” for the second straight week. (O’Colly)

Ubben says the Big 12 title runs through Stillwater. (ESPN)

Okay, I don’t need Brandon Weeden slamming his hand in the laundry room door. (NewsOK)

Cowgirls remain unbeaten with a win over Baylor and a draw against A&M over the weekend. (

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Blog Update

Kyle Porter —  October 23, 2011 — 1 Comment

Photo Attribution: Icon SMI

Sorry folks, no more posts today. I’m heading up to OKC to cover the Kevin Durant/Blake Griffin charity game for Sold Out Strategy. I’ll be tweeting from their account (@soldoutstrategy) during the game and probably updating my own if you want to check it out. Maybe I’ll get KD to come on a podcast so we can talk about how bad OU’s defense looked last night. Or maybe I’ll just leave well enough alone.

Also, just your daily “is this really happening or have I left the Playstation on too long” reminder: OSU is the #3 team in the country and will play for the national title if they win their next 5 games.

10 More Thoughts On OSU Missouri

Kyle Porter —  October 23, 2011 — 13 Comments

1. Two points on Weeden: he never throws his arms up in the air like Eli Manning as if to say “that hit you in the freaking numbers, how did you not catch it?” And he always goes back to the receiver who just dropped it. I love both of those things about him.

2. Harder hit? Shaun Lewis on Christine Michael in College Station or Shaun Lewis on TJ Moe yesterday? The Michael one was sick but the Moe one was like a bomb went off in his uniform.

3. One of my favorite moments was in the fourth quarter when OSU stuffed Missouri on a fourth down and they came running off the field to Bill Young whose lips were flapping around all over the place like the grandpa he is yelling, “good job! good job!” That cracked me up for some reason.

4. Why is Isaiah Anderson the only one who does the pink wristbands and gloves thing?

5. Carson Cunningham tweeted it and he’s right: Justin Gilbert wears his uniform better than anyone else on the team. Also while we’re here, can I say I like the high white socks look a lot better than the full white tights look like Markelle usually goes with? I mean I guess I can say whatever I want since it’s my blog, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

6. Charles Davis said, “Broderick Brown is one of the up and coming and best corners in the country.” Is he? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m really wondering. I’m not well-versed in the talents of national CBs.

7. Speaking of Charles Davis, I thought it was pretty funny when he called Youman “Yoman.” Very fitting too, considering his position(s).

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Tweets From The OSU Missouri Game

Kyle Porter —  October 22, 2011 — 5 Comments


As always, I was trolling the interwebs during the OSU Missouri game looking to bring you some of the best 140-character bits and pieces from around the globe. Here they are…

This was right after Brodrick Brown’s pick. It killed me.


Also very humorous..


That would have been one infiltrated fly.

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10 Thoughts On OSU Missouri

Kyle Porter —  October 22, 2011 — 14 Comments

1. This is what Gus said (screamed?) to open the telecast: “There are 70,000 on hand to watch what might be the best team in the country. They’re explosive, cocky, and UN-dee-FEATED!” I want Gus to announce the birth of my first child.

2. Was it just me or did Weeden look about 6’10 in the all-white uniform?

3. The stadium looked full to start 11 AM kick but not “7 PM we’ve been hammering Bud Lights all day” full. There’s a big difference. The scheduling gods have been smiling favorably on OSU this year and now they’re coming home for a pair to get to 9-0.

4. Why does the white “M” behind Missouri’s end zone look like it’s made of diapers?

5. There was quite a bit of chatter regarding all the wide receiver drops (as their should have been), but how many ended up hurting OSU? I can think of two: the little out to Cooper that would have been a 1st down that inexplicably slipped through his hands and forced OSU to punt two plays later. And the laser-beam to Moore over the middle with a guy on his back that would have put them inside the 15. They ended up having to kick a 36-yard FG.

6. I loved Gundy in his interview at halftime: “…our offense is predicated on catching the football.” Uh yeah, all the ones not named “Navy, Air Force, and Georgia Tech” kind of are.

7. I’ve learned that no matter the situation the following three things will always be things that people complain about: announcers, referees, and the speed of the iPhone 3G.

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5 Thoughts On OSU Missouri At The Half

Kyle Porter —  October 22, 2011 — 1 Comment

1. I love Gus. If you brought someone from a foreign country in who had never watched football before he would think OSU was the best team in this history of the sport from the way Gus is talking about them.

2. Weeden doesn’t have back-to-back mediocre games. He is ON today. As on as I’ve ever seen him. He’s currently on pace for 540 yards and 6 TDs. Is that good?

3. OSU still runs the ball, right? 36 passes, 10 runs. I’m not complaining, it just seems like defenses go heavy one way or the other every week.

4. Cooper makes some crazy “how did he get two hands on that and reel it in” catches. While we’re here, I didn’t want to mention the drops because it’s not like anybody is doing it on purpose, but my gosh. Weeden has like 5 legitimate incompletions in 36 attempts. You have to be better than that in big games on the road like this one. I want to see grainy footage of Weeden and Monken screaming in people’s faces in the Missouri locker room released on Monday morning.

5. Maybe I’m late on this but I like the term “fast-break football”…now if we could get TFord to figure out some fast-break basketball we’d be all good!

Missouri Preview

Kyle Porter —  October 22, 2011 — 9 Comments

Photo Attribution: Icon SMI

Teams: #6 Oklahoma State 6-0 (3-0) vs. Missouri 3-3 (1-2)
Time: 11:00 AM CST
On the call: Gus Johnson (!), Charles Davis, Tim Brewster

Kickoff: In what could amount to Oklahoma State’s last trip to Columbia in my lifetime, OSU looks to preserve the highest BCS ranking it has ever had. I tweeted the other day that three of the last four teams to open at #4 in the BCS went on to play for the national title. Can OSU make it four of five? Yes, but they’ll have to get past scary roadblocks here and in Lubbock and take care of business at home.

I don’t think Missouri is particularly great, but this is Big 12 football on the road and…well…Bob Stoops doesn’t have to think for very long if you ask him what he thinks about playing Gary Pinkel on the road as a top 5 team.

For entertainment purposes:
Spread: Cowboys -7
Over/Under: 69.5

I really think OSU puts up 50 today which also means I think they cover -7 and the over is obliterated. Of course, I also always think the over is getting obliterated.

OSU is 5-0 against the spread since not being able to cover 37.5 against Louisiana at home in the first game. I don’t really feel like they’re going to win this game by something like 4. Either it’s 3 TDs or they lose, with nothing in between. Irrationally blogger talking hyperbolically about the point spreads!!

A few stats you should know:

    1. OSU has won 8 straight on the road. Missouri has won 10 straight at home. Something, I’d like you to meet “having to give.”
    1. The last six times OSU has scored fewer than 40 points in a game, they’ve followed that up with 40+ and four times topped 50+. I don’t expect that streak to end today.
    1. Last time OSU beat Missouri, Keith Toston led the team in rushing.
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