2012 PFB Picks

Kyle Porter —  August 30, 2012 — 8 Comments

Here are our serious and not-so-serious picks for the 2012 college football season.

Favorite OSU playerGilbertLuntStewartBulldogRandleRandle
Favorite OSU coachGundyMaloneWickline - UNDERRATEDWicklineMonken - "Holy Balls! $%^&!" is he awesomeSpencer
Leading receiverStewartT. MooreStewartMichaelHarri...crap...T-MoT. MooreStewart
Lunt TD/INT ratio30/1435/825/1031/1531/1525/14
Attire to gamesPullover if it's under 85Orange polo/white hatOrange t-shirt/hoodieBoots, jeans, orange and white gingham button down.Gundy gel, orange polo, jeansInterlocking OS hat, orange polo
OSU uniform comboBlack-white-orangeAll whiteAll blackBlack, white, orangeAll-black Everything (Although, I think Gray-Orange-Gray was severly underrated)Black-Black-Orange
Tailgating beerShinerCoronaBud LightThere ain't nothin' finer than an ice cold ShinerBud Light (quantity beats quality)Blue Moon
Favorite OSU writerHelsleyplead the 5thPFB ContributorsJimmie TramelBerry Tramel on all subjectsBerry Tramel
Favorite OSU publicationNewsOKNewsOKNewsOKCoachTravisFord.comNewsOKNewsOK
OSU record9-310-210-29-39-39-3
OSU bowlCottonFiestaAlamoCottonCottonAlamo
Big 12 roadieWVUWVUMountaineer MantripMountaineer MantripWVU (No. 1 party school!)Texas
Big 12 uniformTexas (white)OSUOSUTCU Pro CombatOSUOSU
Big 12 surpriseIowa StateKansasTexas TechIowa St.Baylor (hides)TCU
Big 12 champWVUOSUOU

Non-OSU playerCarrington ByndomGeno SmithGabe IkardAaron MurrayArthur BrownCollin Klein
Big 12 coach you'd trade Gundy forBobBobbyStoopsDanaDanaBriles
One word to describe DanaIs "playaction" one word?Ghostbusters 2%&*%!#*#!!Flea-LickerHeroFour Loko
Favorite announcerSean McDonoughNesslerBrad NesslerJesse Palmer,broRece DavisJoel Myers (underrated, plus he did bedlam in '01 and '02)
Favorite analystRobert SmithMatt MillenRece DavisMatt MillenHerbie, it's not closeMatt Millen
Least favorite announcer/analystMark MayMusberger & HerbieLou HoltzThey call him Maydayfor a reason.HolthhhhzzzMusberger / Mark May
Favorite national coachLesterUrban MeyerMark RichtDabo SwinneyMad HatterChip Kelly
Favorite national playerBarkleyCody GreenTebowMatt BarkleyMarcus LattimoreDenard Robinson
Favorite national uniformGeorgiaUCLAOregonBesides Oregon? Clemson. Something about orange...Florida StateMichigan
Team you wish OSU would playClemsonUSCOle MissTennesseeOregon State, settle it once & for allLSU
2012 team you're rooting forSouth CarolinaStanfordWisconsinUSCFlorida State (Grew up a fan)Michigan
Tailgate you want to go toThe GroveRocky TopGroveHotty Toddy gosh almighty who the he are we? Hey! Flim flam, bim bam, Ole Miss by damn!Grove, Hotty ToddyTexas
HeismanBarkleyBarkleyBarkleyMB1Tyler WilsonBarkley
Title gameSC - SCUSC-GeorgiaSouthern Cal - ArkansasSC/'BamaSC - LSUUSC-Bama
  • http://gravatar.com/rwhetsell62 rwhetsell62

    I have a new found love for Carson…

  • http://sadastronaut.wordpress.com Chance

    I like Shiner, but on a hot day for tailgating I’d prefer Blue Moon or Corona.

    For top Big 12 coach, that’s tough. In previous years, I’d say Stoops, but I like how Dana thinks outside the box. Assuming a head coach. If I could have anyone else, I’d have Monk.

  • Arin5000

    Matt Millen sucks. I’d rather listen to Reid Gettys do color for Landry Jones’ wedding.

  • Jordan

    Love the Tebow selection by Amilian…

  • Lance Smith

    Really? BWO for uni combo? That is juuuust a tad bit strange because all I can think of when I see that uniform is LOSING TO IOWA STATE. But hey, whatever works for you guys.

  • http://twitter.com/CarsonC5 Carson Cunningham (@CarsonC5)

    What won you over Rwhetsell62?

  • OSUaggie

    Dude! Isn’t this a Cowboy Blog? Didn’t see a whole lotta love or even a little burnin’ hunka love….only 1 of 6 picks Cowboys as a Repeat? No one picks any Cowboy as any of their favorites and I’m seriously disappointed that none of the six is rooting for the Cowboys. What? Yawl thinkin’ about working for ESPN?

    • David

      Not picking OSU to repeat as conference champs is about being realistic, not disliking OSU. And the “2012 team you’re rooting for” section implies BESIDES OSU. Come on, man!