Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

Cool post here, I was happy Travis Ford didn’t make the list until I realized it might be because his peers don’t remember he has a team… (CBS Sports)

On why Jonathan Rush’s torn ACL was a good thing for him. (NewsOK)

This is a pretty fair assessment, though I don’t think we’re going to the Insight Bowl. (The Big Lead)

Blake Jackson lost all the weight Wes Lunt gained. (Tulsa World)

Good Josh Holliday interview here. (College Baseball Insider)

Berry Tramel on air raid rookies. (NewsOK)

New coaches polos. (OSU Store)

Good video of Josh Cooper doing work in Cleveland. (Cleveland Browns)

Oh yeah, THE PGA TEED OFF TODAY! OSU notables: Fowler, Mahan, Van Pelt, Howell, Verplank, and Noren. (PGA Tour)

TDP retiring today. (Sports Illustrated)

Gina breaks down LDR’s performance at the Elite 11 camp. (NewsOK)

Haney says K-State and TCU are overrated, Texas is underrated. (ESPN Insider)

Interesting, Justin Blackmon playing the slot? (Big Cat Country)

Also, these guys are just all over him. (Big Cat Country)

The more I read, the more I don’t think Walsh is going to see the field unless it’s because Lunt is h-word or sucking. (Tulsa World)

Girls basketball schedule released. (okstate.com)

  • Nate

    I don’t think it’s possible to be overrated when everyone knows you suck

  • Lance Smith

    Dude, those polos have been out for at least 2 months.

    • Kyle Porter

      Sorry I wasn’t on it sooner…

  • Mark

    That comment in Tramel’s article about Couch being the only air raid QB to guide an NFL win… WTH? Practically the entire Big 12 and many others run the air raid…. I don’t follow the NFL, but that’s statistically impossible.

  • Cowboy-KS

    Don’t get hung up on Walsh having to run a Zac style offense. He would do just fine in a Weeden/Lunt style air raid. Never hurts to have a 4.4 runner rolling out of the pocket even if it’s not a run option call.

  • http://www.myfavoritecowboys.com/ Robert Whetsell

    The guy has talent and skills. They will find a way to get him involved. Too valuable to be sitting all the time waiting for the h-word, especially when you have Chelf also standing by.

  • Kyle Porter

    If Walsh runs a true 4.4 then I work for Grantland.

  • Nate

    More likely he runs a 4.4

  • Kyle Porter

    Cold…but probably true.