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Kyle Porter —  March 27, 2013 — 23 Comments


Uh, gone. (NewsOK)


As somebody who has been all over Lunt since he got to OSU, Jenni Carlson is all over Lunt right now. She’s wrong too, it’s going to be Chelf. (NewsOK)

Is Oklahoma State a contender? (ESPN)

It’s going to be tough to replace Joe Randle’s pass-catching abilities. (NewsOK)

Well, I hope we’re in this. (ESPN)

Mike Gundy helping Dabo Swinney? (NewsOK)


OSU and OU might be the two best baseball teams in the Big 12. (Big 12 Sports)

Dunk City. (Big Lead)

Dez says he can be the first 2,000-yard receiver. He might be the last person to realize this. (NewsOK)

Markel’s Jordans collection has nothing on Christ Paul’s. (Big Lead)

I’ll give you two guesses about what Kevin Pitsnogle’s doing these days. One of them will probably be right. (Yahoo)

Cowgirls had a 13-point lead at halftime, lost by nine. (Big 12 Sports)

Littell on the loss: We almost had to play a perfect game to win this game, and I thought we played pretty close to perfect in the first half and maybe the first 4-5 minutes in the second half. But it was a tough draw coming in here, because we know how good they are. (NewsOK)

We did this for Dana Altman. (Yahoo)

Cool story on Matt and Josh Holliday. (MLB.com)

Central Arkansas owns the state of Oklahoma. (O’Colly)


Pretty cool.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    She obviously doesn’t know diddly. “I just don’t think J.W. Walsh has the skill set to be the long-term starter.” That is so laughable…he already showed he has that skill set. I think Lunt, unless he shows he’s ready to be the starter, will be redshirted.

    And yeah, Chelf will be the starter. Lunt is really not a true spread type of QB, but that’s not to say he has to be, obviously neither was Weeden. But he needs to put on some muscle, if he hasn’t already, and learn to look off the receivers….otherwise interception city.

    • http://gravatar.com/derekan3 Capt Morgan

      You obviously know very little as well. Maybe you were asleep on a certain Saturday in Lawrence, KS? Walsh was exposed after his success against Texas. Chelf will be the starter, but only because RSing Lunt is best for the program long term. Walsh will always be a bridesmaid.

      • David

        Walsh is the perfect backup QB when (not if) the injury bug bites the starter.

      • TeaTown Cowboy

        Yeah, let’s all expect our QBs to play well every game…do you apply same to Weeden, Jenni? And by the same token (yours!) Lunt should never see the field again after that Zona fiasco!

      • cruise director

        Walsh was exposed in his second start as a red shirt freshman? Quick hook Cappy?

    • Cruisedirector

      This is someone who will worship Blake Bell. Most Oklahoma Media members (AKA sooner supporters) say the opposite of what they mean. They are afraid of JW Walsh becoming ohnny football. Walsh is a winner. He will win alot of games at OSU.

    • Blake Huddleston

      How is Lunt not a true spread QB?

  • http://gravatar.com/mattsleslie OkieWhaler

    Glad you guys are all over this. Nice try Jenni, but that was last year’s angle. No doubt the boy can throw, but there’s a lot more that goes into getting W’s than throwing a ball in practice. The other two guys showed they can get the W’s without perfect arms or perfect practices – give them the ball and lets go win some games.

  • Nate

    Haha… It’s just so funny that you all actually buy what Gundy has been saying. It should be and will be Lunt come fall.

  • http://www.cowboysrideforfree.com mfc_crff

    I’ll say this…just show me the ball in the air and I can tell you which guy threw it. In the end it won’t matter, we will win the same with any one of them as long as they are healthy and don’t have to do the QB shuffle like last year. I’m way more interested in the defense.

    • http://gravatar.com/mattsleslie OkieWhaler

      Agree with you on the big defensive question marks. However, one should not judge a man based solely on the beauty of his balls, the size also matters.

  • Seth

    Lunt should be the starter. He is the best QB on the team. With that said, i believe he will be redshirted. He has already came out and said he would just fine with that option, and that really is probably the best option for the program. We will win 8,9, maybe 10 with Chelf at the helm next year. But the next three seasons after, we could potentially be BCS playoff team good with Lunt in his third, fourth and, if we are lucky, fifth seasons in Stillwater.

    • cruise director

      I didn’t see anything that led me to believe lunt is the best QB on the team. He didn’t perform well under pressure at all. He didn’t display any toughness at all and the team seemed the least motivated by his leadership. Walsh and Chelf are clearly the two fighting for the leadership role. Lunt is a distant third. Anyone who says otherwise is either not a fan of OSU of is buying what the media are shoving down his/her throat.

      • Nate

        Haha not tough? please go watch the TCU film.

        Everyone has an extremely short memory. It’s as if Lunt ONLY played in the K State game last year.

        • cruise director

          Toughness is two fold. Mental and physical. Getting up is one thing. Getting up and throwing a TD pass is another. He got rattled and didn’t recover period. He was the third best QB that played last year. Arm strength does not equal best QB. Lunt might be the guy someday, but he isn’t the guy now.

      • Seth

        What we saw last year from Lunt was a true freshman starting for a major college football program. He threw for over 400 yards in his first road game and 4 tds (4 ints too, but two of those were drops by his WRs into the DB hands). At KSU he would look great, then he would look rattled, just like a true freshman is expected. What I saw from Lunt last year, while he was healthy, was a huge arm, a calm demeanor and a true freshman adjusting to the speed of the game. He is our best QB on the roster right now. Whether or not he starts or plays at all this season doesn’t change that IMO. You’re right about Chelf and Walsh carrying the leadership role more, but I don’t really think Lunt is the vocal “Rah Rah” guy like Walsh appears to be, and to a lesser extent, Chelf. Chelf and Walsh are both limited physically in the type of offense we want to run, whereas Lunt appears to have all the tools that are desired.

  • Jake

    I’m with Cruise Director here, they all had no starting experience, but Lunt was the only one that threw more picks than TDs and the only one who didn’t win more than he lost. Lunt never looked good as the starter except for the first half of the Arizona game.

  • Jake

    Oh, and I was AT the TCU game. I was missing Walsh with every snap. We should have lost that game the way Lunt played. It was ugly.

    • Seth

      Pretty sure he was referring to the statement that Lunt showed no toughness last year with the TCU game. The game was ugly, but Lunt took some shots and got right up every time. The kid missed games due to a dislocated knee cap, and a concussion. If youre questioning a kids toughness from those two injuries I question your knowledge of sports and sports injuries.

      • Jake

        Fair enough, I guess, but the best advice I hear from athletes deciding whether or not to play hurt or injured is whether or not they’re helping the team. Walsh, playing on a blown out wheel, was able to still rush for TDs. Lunt was scarcely able to string two completions together in a drive. I’d rather he were a little less tough. We could’ve started the Choo Choo that much earlier.

  • Blake Huddleston

    Bottom line is we don’t know enough about Lunt….The Arizona game he looked legit for a half then some dropped passes for INT’s along with bad calls/and preparation for the game I believe if you go look the Cowboy YouTube and listen to Monken speak after the game he even took some of the blame. Skipping ahead to TCU he took shot after shot and still manged to step up and deliver when he had time even a few times under pressure he had the one tipped INT but he looked back to his old form. Then came K-State which seems to be the only thing people want remember about him and only his lowest plays of the game, not the strike to Austin Hays to start the game when he didn’t look phased by the crowd or K-States defense, later on in the game he made freshman mistakes and then got his head injury and looked horrible. If Lunt is healthy and yes I realize that is a big if he’s no question the best QB of the three he just needs true playing time! First year guys make mistakes and that’s the bottom line he didn’t have a year(s) on the roster with Weeden he came in early from HS won the job with no experience we should have expect mistakes. As far as Walsh and Chelf go…It’s a toss-up IMO…Walsh seems to have more natural talent but Chelf just finds away to make plays. I’m all for Lunt, it won’t be pretty early because he’s still only played in 2 whole games and then the K-State game, not counting the 11 plays against SSU, the Lafayette game or Purdue.

  • Jake

    Lunt looked awful for the first half of the TCU game. I went into that game confident that we couldn’t lose, and by halftime, I just knew we were going to lose. There’s a lot of forgiveness flying around trying to say that Lunt had a lot of tipped passes for picks. Chelf and Walsh were throwing to the same receivers (except Tracy Moore, I guess) and they all managed to throw more TDs than picks.

    • Seth

      Chelf/Walsh also only had a fraction of the playbook for Monken to work with based on physical limitations. Based on last year’s stats alone it is hard to say Lunt deserves the nod over the other two. If we want to run an A&M Johnny Football type offense then yes, Chelf/Walsh would be the far better options. But we are trying to run the air raid. We don’t need a runner/scrambler type. We just hired an OC that threw the ball 50 times a game… Walsh can’t do that, and Chelf isn’t the type of QB to do that.