Is Gundy Heading to Tennessee?

Kyle Porter —  December 2, 2012 — 32 Comments
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It’s that time of year again — when we all remember how much we dislike Mike Holder and Gundy trolls other big-time programs in hopes of getting yet another stamp of approval from Boonie.

Last year it was A&M and this year it would appear to be Tennessee.

This feels a little…different though. Gundy was clearly in negotiating overdrive last year and was never really going to take the A&M job, but why interview for this if you aren’t considering it?

Will it bring a raise? Doubtful. Improve your brand? No.

None of it really makes sense…unless he was seriously considering it.

To his credit, Holder denied Tennessee contacting him, but given the circumstances surrounding our QB situation this year I’ll start believing the players involved in this mess sometime between never and whatever comes after never.

As for the validity of the report — this isn’t some kid from Broken Arrow with sources, this is Tennessee’s version of Robert Allen breaking the news. Plus these guys are reporting it too.

And why wouldn’t Gundy consider this? He’d likely be one of the three highest paid coaches in college football and become a fan favorite in Knoxville (what, he’s going to do worse than Dooley?)

The Arkansas thing was always a joke — that’s not overtly a better job than Oklahoma State — but Tennessee, with 105,000 and a bottomless well of resources and prestige, this is a real thing folks.

And as Carson pointed out, it really speaks to the larger problem going on in Stillwater.

I’ll still lay my money on Gundy being in Stillwater for a long time, but where there’s smoke…

  • Jeff

    Would T. Boone fire Holder to keep Gundy?

  • Lane

    Hasnt gundy said that okstate is his “yankees job”? I know a lot of coaches say they arent leaving until they do but I just dont see it.

  • Scott

    what’s the friction between Gundy / Holder about? Holder wants to run off the coordinator of the worst defense in Div I football and Gundy refuses?
    Personally i don’t see him leaving for any other job. He clearly loves OSU and is making a little over $3million guaranteed for 8 years.

  • Jimmie

    Seriously! He just built a house and is still working on the landscaping. Both sets of grandparents are within an hour, plus the Tennessee job is no better than OSU. Come on Kyle, they are just like Arkansas. And by the way, Robert Allen is never wrong. (Insert sarcasm here)

    • Kyle Porter

      Arkansas isn’t on the same planet as Tennessee.

    • Schultzy

      Money talks. And if there is discontent between Holder and Gundy, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did leave. Speaking of the discontent, are there any specifics yet?

  • FredA

    I don’t believe this for a second.

    Firstly, there is nowhere else that Gundy can go and have as much goodwill from the alumni. A five loss season at Tennessee and they will be baying for his blood.

    Secondly, its got to be about more than money. Financially -the guy is already set. What price do you put on being able to walk around your Alma Mater with your head held high and people grateful for what you’ve done?

    If any of this is true -Holder will feel the wrath of OSU fans if and when Gundy is replaced.

    • Schultzy

      It normally isn’t though. If you were getting a $1-2 million raise, you undoubtedly change jobs. UT would be seen as an upgrade. If he took the job, I wouldn’t fault him at all.

      • FredA

        Only if the filthy lucre is his only motivation. I really think you’re doing the man a great disservice.

        • Schultzy

          Why wouldn’t he want a promotion? I feel like this happens every time a well liked coach is rumored to take another job (See Gary Patterson). I really feel like the loyalty to a school is overstated.

          • Schultzy

            And it isn’t really indicative of his character if he decides to leave.

            • FredA

              Are you actually an alum of OSU (or any university for that matter)? What do you think it means to Mike, to coach on the same field where he once handed the ball to Sanders or to walk down the street in Stillwater and be revered by most (if not all) of the real fans?

              Its indicative of his character that he will stay.

              I’ve got you pegged alright -a Walmart Vols fan most likely. The last alumnus you guys had as a HC you fired and look where it got you.

              • Schultzy

                Ad hominems everywhere! I am a current student at OSU, not that it’s really relevant to the discussion. As for what it means to Gundy, I have no idea. I’m not in his head, nor do I know him personally so I can’t comment on that aspect. And you saying it’s indicative of his character does not make it true. Why would it be a black mark on his character if he left for a different job, especially if he and Holder don’t get along?. I, for one, would just be apperceive for what he did while he was here at OSU.

                • htownpoke

                  Hate to say it but I agree with Schultzy on this. Who’s to say that Holder and Boone aren’t trying to exploit Gundy and take advantage of his OSU affiliation and history. If it’s your job and your character taken advantage of at one place of employment I can guarantee we would all go work somewhere else. I wouldn’t hold anything against Gundy and would still respect him.

  • Cl Max

    If you know anything about Gundy….he was never raised to be a quitter….and if he is receiving pressure to replace Bill Young… than he is the type of guy to go to bat for his player and coach’s The whole defence thing is a farce…a Special teams coach needs to be returned…. quest….is Our offence better than Georgia’s….. ? And Obama had issues with them and A&M….Sure you can scheme for the spread given enough time bowl/bye week…. but week in and out and with our offense quick stick…. Bill’s D is proper…. play loose for Turn over till the 30 play hard nosed in the red….it will keep the D fresher longer… till recruiting shores up a better stack of depth and talent…. If plays this right….he’ll shore up a lot of respect from his staff and players….stay firm don’t fold…

    • Reed

      Potato cancer football cookie 3rd down answer bill….. Young defense throw….. Can ball stillwater touchdown turf….. Wordsandwordsandwords

    • Hurley

      My head hurts after reading this..

    • Bressers

      Typing from your iPad reveals a lot about the words you use in everyday emails as well as your proof reading skills.

  • Alan

    Maybe it’s appealing to be in a situation where he could be the ball coach – in an SEC school (heck most D1 schools) the most prominent and powerful position on campus (with the exception perhaps of Duke, Kansas, and Syracuse) and not have a mega-Boone-ster calling the shots…

    • chris

      You think Tennessee and any other school with a larger budget than ours doesn’t have mega boosters? They all have their sugar daddies. And there are lots of administrators and boosters at every school who put pressure on the head coach. A head coach has to be able to work with all of these people and manage those relationships if he wants to be consistently successful somewhere. You never get to “just be the ball coach.”

      • Alan

        I agree – but I think Boone is larger than most, and Gundy might be better poised someplace he doesn’t have the history.

  • Kit

    How exactly do two people talking about the same rumor source constitute credibility for the rumor?

  • Marybel

    Gundy stays – get him a defense.

    • themostexcellentorange

      Agreed. If he does stay he needs to clean house a bit, get a new DC, and someone who actually knows how to coach special teams.

      • dooley

        Special teams is going to be really important next year without Sharp. No doubt, we need a better DC out there.

  • Brent

    AND… Gundy just finished building his brand new house (read mansion) His kids have always gone to school in Stilly, and love it. I may be as wrong as can be, but I’d personally be surprised if he were to leave. I just don’t see him uprooting his family and taking them to Tenn.

  • will cosner

    i love y9ou man

  • DFW_Walt

    Oh my goodness, the SEC doesn’t want another offensive minded Big12 coach in the ranks – Sumlin (OU / Tech) snuck in the back door after the pact was signed with A&M, getting Gundy would not be favorable for the rest of the SEC as he’d have strong recruiting on both sides of the ball and Tennessee would pay to have a have a DC. Times would be a changing mighty fast down south if this comes to pass…

  • Alan

    College football is a business, coaches are entrepreneurs – as long as Gundy doesn’t do any of that “I am not leaving two days before he announces he’s leaving” crap, I am fine with him managing his career.

    Perhaps he has done all he can at OSU – he needs new challenges and opportunities. Or not…

  • khampton03

    Doesn’t anyone believe in tradition anymore. This younger generation is killing us…The reason we lost this year is because we wore white jersey’s…look it up!

  • aaron snith

    Hope the best coach I have seen in 50 years in Stillwater continues to stay with the home brand. As for the AD I would rather see him go to TVA land than a good football coach who recruits well. Maybe we need some better defense recruiting. It is not the easiest to get defensive or offensive players to come to a rural Oklahoma town to play football. I love Stillwater, but many do not because of the lack of “bright lights” . We need to encourage Mike a cowboys cowboy to stay. I have no complaint about his effort or the progress he has made. We now need to get over the trap of the schedule that the conference gives us. How about playing Texas at the end of the season when they are all stove up?

  • Randy

    If the money’s right, why wouldn’t he leave? O State isn’t the job that Tennessee is. He’s done a lot of good things for the football program with T. Boone’s help, but I wouldn’t blame him for leaving under the right circumstances….