Daily Bullets – 10.5

Kyle Porter —  October 5, 2011 — 5 Comments

Bill Haisten says what I’ve been harping on, fans should enjoy this while it lasts. (Tulsa World)

Burns Hargis is the new chairman of the Big 12 board of directors. (NewsOK)

He’s not serious that parents send their kids to OSU because of “the rant”, is he? (Rivals)

Wow, ALbert Chen says “If Oklahoma State and Texas A&M are indeed the Sooners’ greatest threats in the Big 12, then Oklahoma should waltz its way through the conference.” (Sports Illustrated)

Ubben’s mailbags are really funny. The last Q/A killed me. (ESPN)

The blocking levied by OSU’s group of receivers has been one of the most underrated aspects of how successful Weeden has been this year. Good stuff by John Helsley. (NewsOK)

Bill Haisten on how much tailgating has improved in Stillwater. (Tulsa World)

Somehow the Big 12 remains the best conference in the country even though our 3rd (4th? 5th?) best team just got beat by the SEC’s 6th (7th? 8th?) best team. (ESPN)

Weeden kills me, here’s a hilarious article about his preferred method of transportation. (O’Colly)

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Somebody’s Getting Auburn’d

Kyle Porter —  October 4, 2011 — 8 Comments

Photo Attribution: Icon SMI

You guys remember what happened.

Auburn went to Tennessee, to Ole Miss, to Alabama, beat Georgia and LSU at home, and Tennessee again in the SEC title game to complete the 13-0 sweep and…were rewarded with a 2-loss Virginia Tech team in the Sugar Bowl.

12-0 OU and 12-0 SC played for the national title. War Eagle’s cries fell upon the deaf ears of the bureaucratic machinery that is the Bowl Championship Series. They had been perfect in the nation’s nastiest conference and had nothing to show for it. Nice season guys, do it again next year and maybe you’ll get a look.

It was a nightmarish scenario for an organization that’s pretty used to nightmarish scenarios. The scariest thing about it all?

It could happen again. And this time OSU’s involved.

For the next few days we’ll take a look at the 15 remaining unbeatens, who they have left, their best chance to lose, who might stun them, and (most importantly) how all of this affects OSU.

From least likely to go undefeated to most:

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Scooter and Jack Visit the State Fair

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Scooter and Jack rejoin the Pistolcast to talk about their favorite Texas State Fair memories, thoughts on Ball State, and just how they expect to stop Fozzy Whittaker.

There’s about 45 seconds of silence at the beginning of the podcast (my bad!) but it gets going after that.

You can follow Scoots and Jack on Twitter here.

You can listen to the podcast below or feel free to subscribe in iTunes HERE.


Daily Bullets – 10.4

Kyle Porter —  October 4, 2011 — 2 Comments

I should just post this article and leave off the rest of them because it’s a walk off. (O’Colly)

My gosh, Kansas is giving up 252 yards per game on the ground. (NewsOK)

Gina Mizell on just how far back the KU OSU rivalry goes. (NewsOK)

Gundy learned his moves in…chapel? (NewsOK)

Good look at your Cowboys in the NFL from this weekend. Dez and Dan are cleaning up down in Big D. (okstate.com)

Sittler says Weeden2Blackmon has created a Heisman dilemma. Pretty sure we’ve been talking about this for 3 months. (Tulsa World)

The OSU Texas game will be at 2:30 next weekend. The scheduling gods continue to smile upon us. (okstate.com)

Andy Katz says LeBryan could end up on the Wooden Award Watch list. (ESPN)

So it really is staying together, huh. (ESPN)

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BlogPoll – Week 6

Kyle Porter —  October 3, 2011 — 19 Comments

Photo Attribution: KT King

I thought this was supposed to be getting easier!

If you don’t think LSU and Bama are the two best teams in the country then I’m not sure what to tell you. I was talking to my buddy, Sheets, yesterday about their matchup and he said, “the final when they play is going to be like 3-0 on a 48-yard field goal.” Can we just call that the title game and be done with it?

Wisconsin was outstanding in their “I guess we have to call it a ‘test’ because Nebraska was a top ten team but it was more like a pop quiz or group homework assignment” outing against Nebraska. Camp Randall was everything you want from a home crowd in early October ready to assert itself onto the national stage. The Brewers took the first two from Arizona, Green Bay rolled, it is a very good time to be a beer distributor in the state of Wisconsin right now.

I feel kind of bad for OU actually (no I don’t) considering they’ve more than taken care of business thus far and I’ve had to drop them the last two weeks because of what other teams did. Same for Boise and Oklahoma State.

Speaking of my Cowboys, we’re all aware that if Texas beats OU on Saturday (they won’t) that OSU will be facing its second matchup between top ten teams in the state of Texas within four weeks. Either way I just hope Venables hits Case in the mouth over and over again so they’re good and bloodied up when we roll into Austin.

Auburn – welcome back to the party with a resounding W in Columbia.

Michigan State – ditto, even though you’re going to have to pick it up offensively.

Big 12 – congrats on being the only conference with four undefeated teams (you actually have five). I don’t expect that to last much past this weekend (one of OU/Texas falls, Tech could lose at home to A&M, and K-State could do the same to Mizzou).

Full poll after the jump

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Daily Bullets – 10.3

Kyle Porter —  October 3, 2011 — 3 Comments

Oklahoma State men and women did work at the Cross Country meet over the weekend. (okstate.com)

Not sure if it was coincidental or purposeful but Gina Mizell is right, posting the Gundy locker room dance is one of the smartest things OSU’s athletic department could have done. (NewsOK)

Bill Haisten on my favorite player. (Tulsa World)

Wow, so Texas is a top 10 team now? (ESPN)

I was about to chalk this up as “just another boring column about the uniforms” until Gina Mizell made a Seth Godin reference. Well done, Gina. I’m impressed. (NewsOK)

OSU was part of history this weekend, despite not playing. (ESPN)

Who loses first, football or soccer? (okstate.com)

Kendall Hunter had 100 all-purpose yards against the Eagles yesterday. (ESPN)

Dez and Dan Bailey combined for 21 of Dallas’ 30 total points. (ESPN)

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Wes Lunt Sets Record

Kyle Porter —  October 1, 2011 — 2 Comments

In his second game back from a broken foot (and after throwing for 300+ yards in one half last week), Wes Lunt set a new Illinois state record for passing yards in a game with 590.

Here’s a great line by Todd Engle of the State Journal-Register:

From the outset, Friday night’s game between Rochester and Springfield high schools was destined to be a shootout. And Rochester is well equipped for a shootout.

Clearly they were as Lunt, who will battle with J.W. Walsh and Clint Chelf as Weeden’s successor next year, also threw 4 TDs and ran for one while leading Rochester to a 49-35 victory over Springfield.

His defense gave up 517 yards, including 428 on the ground, so at least he won’t be surprised when he gets to Stillwater. I kid, I kid, the defense is GREAT pretty good this year.

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Weekend Preview and Crazy Comebacks

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Q and I talk abou the A&M game, preview the games this weekend, and try really hard to not look ahead…

You can listen to the podcast below or feel free to subscribe in iTunes HERE.


OSU Fan’s Guide to the Weekend

Kyle Porter —  September 30, 2011 — 14 Comments

Huskers at Camp Randall, Tide in the Swamp, Wildcats in Tiger country…who do we root for as OSU fans?

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Daily Bullets – 9.30

Kyle Porter —  September 30, 2011 — 13 Comments

Mike Gundy isn’t surprised by what’s transpiring. (NewsOK)

Fascinating look behind the scenes of the officials at the A&M Oklahoma State game and why certain calls (including Blackmon’s “no catch” in the endzone) got called. (ESPN)

Somebody else (besides me) compares OSU’s win at A&M to Auburn at Bama last year. (Sporting News)

Anthony Slater with a good column on how Oklahoma State soccer was transformed into a national powerhouse. (O’Colly)

Brandon Weeden is the AT&T All-America player of the week. (ESPN)

This is pretty crazy, four of OSU’s teams are ranked in the top five of their respective sports. (okstate.com)

Good story on a girl who almost never stepped foot on OSU’s campus but will now lead your #2 Cowgirls into Norman for Bedlam tonight. (NewsOK)

Blackmon moves to 5th on Mel Kiper’s Big Board. Landry remains 4th, he’s in love with Landry, which is fine because he’s a good player, but as the #4 pick next year? Really? (ESPN Insider)

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Pressbox to the Couch – A&M

Kyle Porter —  September 29, 2011 — 6 Comments

Photo Attribution: KT King

You can view this full column at O’Colly.com

Anthony Slater: Hostile crowd, top ranked opponent, 17-point halftime deficit and the Cowboys somehow pull off the win. There have been some important victories for this program over the years, but this one seems to be near the top of that list. You’re knowledgeable about the history of this athletic department, where would you rank this one?

Kyle Porter: This was the biggest win under the Gundy regime for sure, and I don’t think it’s really that close. The Mizzou game in 2008 was huge because they were No. 3 and OSU was still undefeated at that point, but that OSU squad was never going to win it all, so it didn’t mean as much at the end of the season. This year … well … who knows?

Is it the biggest win in program history? Tough for me to say since I’m only 26-years-old. I have to think the conference-ending win against Iowa State in 1976 was big since OSU split the conference title that year, but this has to be top three I’d say — at least.

One of my A&M friends told me the crowd wasn’t as venomous as usual, was it the heat? The 2:30 kick? Weeden doing Weeden things?

Slater: Right before kickoff it was about the loudest I’ve heard a stadium, and the noise was definitely a factor early on.

In the second half, the stadium was much more tame for a combination of reasons. I think the main reason was how confident they were. A&M was up 20-3 and it seemed worse. The fans relaxed, figuring it was going to be an easy win. Then, suddenly OSU was right back in it. Quick score, turnover, quick score, turnover. By then, the heat was becoming a factor, and A&M was giving the crowd no positive plays to get back in it. The way it played out was almost a perfect storm for the Cowboys.

Now that they have escaped College Station with a win, where is your excitement and optimism level at?

Porter: Well considering the fact that it’s going to take a medium-sized upset for OSU to not be 11-0 and playing OU on Dec. 3 to go to the national title, I’d say my excitement level can’t even be charted right now.

I’m worried by the Hedgepeth and Rush injuries and the trips to Austin and Columbia are obviously not cake, but this team had a look to it during the second half on Saturday. A look that said, “you better not let us come back and steal this win because we’re going to be tough to handle the rest of the way.”

What game should scare OSU the most?

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Shutdown Brown

Kyle Porter —  September 29, 2011 — 5 Comments

I think James Poling of the O’Colly coined the term “Shutdown Brown” or maybe it was “Lockdown Brown”…or maybe both, I was so hazy after OSU’s 2nd drive in the 2nd half on Saturday that my wife could have walked in the room, told me she was pregnant with triplets and that she was leaving me for a rival blogger and I wouldn’t even have blinked.

Either nickname is better than 4 hours of Matt Millen calling him “Brodrick Bulldog Brown” as if 1.) they’re tight and 2.) that’s his full legal name. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they aren’t tight and that’s not his middle name.

Brown was completely dialed in on Jeff Fuller, who may or may not have been suffering from a lingering hamstring injury but was definitely suffering from a case of “I might not even be the best receiver on my own team, much less the Big 12″ afterwards.

The dude has a knack for gaudy interceptions, one he’ll need to procure with the loss of Hedgepeth and the move of Andrae May up the depth chart.

Daily Bullets – 9.29

Kyle Porter —  September 29, 2011 — 10 Comments

The best story you’ll read today. Promise. (NewsOK)

LeBryan: “People wonder why I didn’t go to Kansas, Duke or North Carolina. They don’t understand why I picked a school like Oklahoma State. I’m about to show them.” (Yahoo)

It looks like we have ourselves a new Oklahoma State blog out there. (Yahoo)

Bob Rang has Justin Blackmon going in the top 5 of next year’s draft. (CBS Sports)

I (poorly) missed this yesterday, but apparently OSU turned down having the Kansas game on either FCS or pay-per-view. (NewsOK)

Gundy: “we had a lot left in the 4th quarter.” (NewsOK)

Interesting: sounds like Mike Gundy is filling in for Jesse Palmer (?) this weekend as a studio analyst. Question: would Nick Saban do this? (okstate.com)

Cowboys get their first in-state recruit of the year yesterday. (NewsOK)

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Hubert Anyiam, Step Up

Kyle Porter —  September 28, 2011 — 13 Comments

Photo Attribution: KT King

Lost amidst the launch party for Brandon Weeden’s sorta-Heisman campaign, Justin Blackmon’s roller coaster of a second half, and the poignant, appropriate celebration surrounding coach Glenn Spencer and his family was the fact that Anyiam had the best game of his career.

Yes, I know he’s had better games statistically. Well, one better game, Mizzou in ’09 when he snagged Dez’s superman cape and went 10 for 119 and a score against Missouri to keep OSU’s Big 12 title hopes alive for the time being. But this one was better, if not more understated, and definitely more important.

Time after time when Weeden needed six yards he whipped passes to the sideline where Anyiam was waiting for them, poised to beat his man up the white stripe for demoralizing one-yard-past-the-marker first downs.

Case in point:

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Team of Destiny?

Kyle Porter —  September 28, 2011 — 4 Comments

Is this year’s Oklahoma State football squad a team of destiny?

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Daily Bullets – 9.28

Kyle Porter —  September 28, 2011 — 4 Comments

Thank you, John Walters for putting Brandon Weeden in your Heisman race. (The Daily)

Here’s the pressbox to the couch piece Anthony Slater and I did for the A&M game. If you don’t have an O’Colly subscription (you should get one) I’ll probably post excerpts on here later this week. (O’Colly)

Cool, Tajh Boyd over Brandon Weeden on a Heisman list. (Heisman Pundit)

Vote for Dan Bailey for NFL Rookie of the Week (h/t @denlowery) (NFL)

Kelly Hines on how much these Cowboys love going on the road. (Tulsa World)

Who had under on 16 A&M rushing yards in the second half Saturday? (NewsOK)

Intriguing read on why Facebook is so much more popular than Twitter. (New York Times)

Good hoops preview has OSU as a top 50 team. (Sporting News)

Cowboys finish 3rd at the Golfweek Conference Challenge. (okstate.com)

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Teach Me How To Gundy

Kyle Porter —  September 27, 2011 — 9 Comments

One of the best OSU videos I’ve ever seen for two reasons:

  1. The look on Glenn Spencer’s face at the 3:25 mark says basically everything you need to know about this team.
  2. Gundy teaching us all how to Gundy at the 3:30 mark. Epic.

In fact, let’s just loop that Gundy dance as the new intro video in lieu of this.

Weeden Stats Update

Kyle Porter —  September 27, 2011 — 15 Comments

The best quarterback in the state of Oklahoma is on pace for all kinds of records this year.

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Week 5 Lines

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Matt Amilian joins me on the podcast to talk week 5 lines and what OSU did well in College Station on Saturday.

You can listen to the podcast below or feel free to subscribe in iTunes HERE.


Mahan Misses Out On $10 Million

Kyle Porter —  September 27, 2011 — Leave a comment

Hunter Mahan missed out on a $11.5 million payday and had to settle for a measly $1.5 million

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