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I’m a big Michael Jackson fan. (Tulsa World)

Mike Gundy on practice music

The Mike Gundy lawsuit is getting (even more) comical

Kyle Porter —  July 11, 2013 — 5 Comments

I can’t believe some of the words that are being said/written about this.

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Those type of numbers that I was seeing, I’ve never seen that. I don’t come from a family where money is a big deal, so my thing is how can you miss something you never had? (O’Colly)

Marcus Smart on his decision

I think a lot of you are getting a glimpse of why these guys are wanting to come back. This is something you just don’t get every day. This is not something you get as a part of your life all the time — to be a part of a team that’s as close as this and has had as much fun as these guys have. (O’Colly)

Travis Ford on Marcus Smart

I think it’s time for us to win (the Big 12). We have been working hard and I think it’s time for it to pay off. (O’Colly)

Markel Brown on the Big 12 title

It’s no secret we don’t like each other. (OU) is our rivals; we hate them. Right now we are focused on OU. After we beat OU, we’ll focus on Kansas. (O’Colly)

Markel Brown on Bedlam

They’ve got different pieces and you’ve got to guard all them. And it’s hard trying to cover up everybody, their whole team. They can play. That’s why they’re the best team in the conference. (NewsOK)

Josh Gray (TTU guard) on OSU

It is so easy to stay home and watch. And, if the game is bad, I can turn it off. (Tulsa World)

Eddie Sutton on college basketball attendance

I’ve said this for a few years, and I’m not just trying to blow us up or pump my own tires up. We take a two-star and make him a three, a three and make him a four and a four and make him a five. We really believe that’s what we do. (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy on recruiting

You have a (6-4) guard that is a man playing against boys. Let’s just put it how it is. That’s what it is, and he kicked our butt. He is good, and we knew it. We didn’t compete for loose balls and felt sorry for ourselves and acted like little babies.

Bill Self on OSU

We have showed (the ability to make the tournament) at times, other times we don’t. From here on out, we have to play like an NCAA (tournament) team. (O’Colly)

Markel Brown on his team

You can’t look at all the road losses, every game is an individual game. It’s not the whole; every game is an individual game.

Travis Ford on OSU’s road woes

It’s a reminder of what he did for our rights and giving us the opportunity to go to schools like this, just to have the same equal rights. That means a lot to me. So it’s incredible, just for two schools to be going at it on a significant day like that, it just adds to how significant a game it’s going to be and how big a game it’s going to be

Marcus Smart on MLK Day

There’s some kind of spell on us.

Markel Brown on Big 12 road games

I was the face of the defense and [Gundy] thought my age would hurt recruiting and he thought players wouldn’t play for me.

Bill Young on not getting a contract extension

Mark May’s Logic is Illogical

Matt Amilian —  January 6, 2013 — 3 Comments

I believe ESPN is unjustly bashed at times, so I typically avoid criticizing them as a whole because I think they do a lot of things right. I really don’t care how much they cover Tebow. They’re not the sports media giant by accident. They know what people want to will watch and they cash in on it. I mean, I just went off on a Tebow tangent for a post on a Mark May comment.

Back to the video and I apologize for opening some closed wounds. Mark May absolutely thinks Oregon should have been considered for the BCS National Championship because they went undefeated in regulation. Undefeated in regulation…sounds familiar. Seems like he only chooses to apply his logic when it backs up his agenda.

On most occasions I hate giving garbage posts the page views their creators are pursuing, but this guy is a paid, professional journalist at for Utah Sports and the more people that see this, the more the joke is back on him. When you’re a full-time (supposedly) credible, sports media member, you have no business creating a video filled with accusations that have never even made it to the phase of being a rumor (buying recruits cars, punching babies, etc.).

This guy tweeted the video to Gottlieb in hopes for a RT. I think he truly believes he’s funny. Well I think I’m funny too sometimes so hopefully I don’t blow it with this analysis:

0:03 – Nifty crossover move

0:17 – Do we keep blowing our shot at a national title every year? Do we?

0:23 – 49-16 over the past 5 seasons. Nothing going wrong here.

0:30 – I’m not quite sure what dance move this is.

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This is too much.

Gundy gets caught up in his postgame speech and thanks everyone from the buses in Dallas to “the blue man.” OSU attended the Blue Man Group which is what I’m assuming he was referencing. So much Gundy.

Also, Chelf’s teammates get a “choo choo” chant going at 0:44. Well done.

He’s one of the all-time greats. I love that guy. He’s a warrior. He’s a winner. He’s the umpteenth level. I’ll go into battle with that guy any time.

Mark Few on Marcus Smart

Twitter + Gundy + Arkansas = Amazing

Kyle Porter —  December 4, 2012 — 1 Comment

Gundy isn’t going to Arkansas, but Twitter was pretty amazing for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon. Here’s the best of the best from my timeline on Gundy, Arkansas, and John Daly….

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